Mersive Technologies Acquired by OpenGate Capital

Since launching Solstice, Mersive has experienced exponential growth driven by both new and existing customers of all sizes across the world.

Client Description

The company

Mersive Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise wireless collaboration software.

The software

Solstice, Mersive’s suite of content sharing collaboration software, transforms ordinary meeting spaces with secure, enterprise-ready collaboration that drives better meeting results & ROI.


Denver, CO

Investor Description

The company

OpenGate Capital is a global private equity firm specializing in the acquisition and operation of businesses to create new value through operational improvements, innovation and growth.


Los Angeles, CA

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SEG Client, Mersive Technologies, Acquired by OpenGate Capital

January 16, 2018 — Software Equity Group announces its client, Mersive Technologies, a leading provider of wireless collaboration software, has been acquired by private equity firm OpenGate Capital. SEG served as exclusive advisor to Mersive Technologies.

Andrew Nikou, founder and CEO of OpenGate Capital, stated, “OpenGate Capital has successfully invested in technology businesses acquired from KPN, Philips and Damovo going back to 2006. Since realizing our last technology investment in Getronics in late 2016, we have made specific investments in our business development team and sourcing processes to find another tech-related opportunity. Mersive is an exciting investment considering the global and transformative nature of its software solutions in an otherwise hardware-dominated market and its continued triple-digit, year-over-year growth rate with new and existing customers.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Rob Balgley, CEO of Mersive, stated, “Mersive is a driving force in changing the way industry leading organizations work and learn. The acquisition of Mersive by OpenGate Capital will provide access to the growth capital and operational expertise we need to scale the company and achieve its full potential.”

The acquisition follows four years of exponential growth for Mersive driven by customer demand for software-based solutions that are easy to deploy and affordable for both traditional meeting rooms and huddle spaces. Mersive represents the seventh acquisition through OpenGate Capital’s first institutional fund following the firm’s previous acquisitions of Power Partners, Energi Fenestration Solutions, Bois & Matériaux, Alfatherm, EverZinc and Hufcor.

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