The Sectors We Serve

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to provide guidance and support to software executives across various sectors. Our expertise extends from specialized ventures such as blood donation technology to thriving fields like MarTech, PropTech, FinTech, and EdTech. This diversity allows us to offer tailored insights and assistance to leaders navigating the complexities of today's dynamic business landscape.
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Analytics & Data Management

See our proficiency in Analytics & Data Management through a curated list of past clients who have successfully completed the M&A process with us as their partner.

Asset & Facilities Management

Discover past clients in Asset & Facilities Management who have successfully navigated the M&A process with our deal experts.

Business Management / ERP

Browse our expertise in the Business Management sector. See the list of past clients who have successfully navigated M&A transactions with us.

Communications & Collaboration

Review our involvement in the Communications & Collaboration sector to understand our expertise and achievements.

Compliance Management

Take a look at our proficiency in Compliance Management by exploring the roster of past SEG clients.


Stay up to date on our successful M&A deals in the Engineering landscape.

Human Capital Management

Explore this unique sector via our latest transactions in Human Capital Management M&A. Find press releases and other info.

Networking & Systems Management

View our past deals in Networking & Systems Management by reviewing the companies we’ve worked with, offering a glimpse into our expertise.


Immerse yourself in the latest SEG M&A transactions of Payments to stay informed and see the evolving preferences of buyers.

Sales & Marketing

Analyze our track record of deals in the Sales and Marketing sector for a testament to our expertise and success in this crucial domain.


Witness the impact of our experience in the Security sector through a showcase of our latest M&A deals.

Supply Chain Management

As experts in Supply Chain Management, see our past experience guiding founders in this field.

Select Verticals

Learn more about our dedication to the Education sector by exploring our successful M&A transactions, deal volume, industry trends, and more.


Uncover the evolution of the Energy sector by exploring the successes of various SEG clients. See them here.

Financial Services

Explore the realm of Financial Services M&A and witness the successful transactions of past clients.


Get to know our involvement in the GovTech sector. See deal volume, buyer activity, and more.


Our expertise in the Healthcare sector is unmatched. Browse the array of deals we have successfully closed.

Life Sciences

Gain insight into our proficiency in the Life Sciences sector by exploring our portfolio of successful past deals and activity.


Explore the Manufacturing sector and gain valuable knowledge on cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends, and more.


We are showcasing our commitment to the non-profit sector. See the range of projects and collaborations we’ve undertaken.

Real Estate

Witness the dynamic evolution of Real Estate software as our sector page unfolds the latest trends, innovations, and insights.


View our footprint in the Retail sector. Browse a comprehensive list of companies we have collaborated with as M&A advisors.

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