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As esteemed M&A advisors with a distinctive focus on the healthcare software sector, we stand out with nearly 20 successful deals in this rapidly evolving space. Our in-depth knowledge extends beyond conventional M&A practices; we possess a nuanced understanding of the industry tailwinds, such as the pivotal role of Electronic Health Records (EHR), AI-based solutions, the surge in demand for telehealth and remote patient monitoring, and more. This intimate familiarity with the transformative trends shaping the healthcare software landscape uniquely positions us as leaders in providing strategic guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Healthcare Software M&A Overview

While we applaud the critical work of the men and women in the field, there exists an opportunity for improvement within the dominant industry in the world’s largest economy. Due to rising healthcare costs and the increasing prevalence of chronic illnesses, there is a pressing need for intelligent solutions to intervene. There’s no doubt the shortage of healthcare workers affects everyone. Waiting weeks for doctor’s appointments have become common, only to spend minutes with them during the visit. Healthcare SaaS aims to prioritize and improve the health and well-being of patients in damaged systems.

The robust landscape of healthcare software M&A activity reflects the industry’s dynamic response to key trends reshaping the healthcare sector.

As a result, deal volume has demonstrated enduring strength and consistency over the past five years. This sustained momentum underscores the sector’s resilience and continued attractiveness for investors and strategic acquirers. The data further reinforces the healthcare software industry’s pivotal role in the broader software M&A landscape, showcasing a vibrant ecosystem where innovation and strategic partnerships continue to thrive. Stay informed about these transformative industry trends by subscribing to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Healthcare Software

Annual M&A Deal Volume

The Technological Frontiers of Healthcare Software

We Group Healthcare Software into Two Main Categories:

Acute Healthcare Software:

The Acute Healthcare Software sector primarily focuses on software solutions tailored for hospitals and immediate patient care settings. SaaS plays a pivotal role in this sector by providing real-time collaboration tools, streamlined data management, and enhanced operational efficiency, ensuring timely and effective patient care.


Post-Acute Healthcare Software:

Post-Acute Healthcare Software is designed to cater to patient care beyond the hospital setting, including home health, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. SaaS solutions in this sector enable seamless communication, remote monitoring, and data sharing, fostering continuity of care, reducing readmission rates, and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Revitalizing Health: The Strategic Appeal of Healthcare Software Companies for Buyers & Investors

Investors and strategic buyers are increasingly attracted to healthcare software companies due to unique factors that transcend standard financial metrics. The mission-critical role of healthcare software in modernizing the healthcare system positions it as a necessity rather than a luxury. With a growing customer base, particularly among the aging baby boomer population, the healthcare industry ensures a steady demand for software solutions. Moreover, the stringent regulatory environment mandates strong compliance frameworks, prompting organizations to invest in software that mitigates risks. These factors collectively underscore the appeal of healthcare software companies as valuable investment opportunities within a dynamic and continually expanding sector.

Private equity companies have emerged as the majority of buyers in the healthcare software sector over the past three years. This shift marks a notable departure from the 50/50 split observed in the two years prior, highlighting the increasing dominance of private equity in recognizing the strategic value and growth potential within the healthcare software industry.

2023 Healthcare Software M&A Activity by Buyer Type

Historical Healthcare Software M&A Activity by Buyer Type
Non-Private Equity Driven Deals
Private Equity Buyers
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