SEG Vertical SaaS M&A Deal Database

Discover Select Vertical SaaS M&A Deals

In the dynamic world of software, being well-informed is not just an advantage; it’s a necessity. The landscape constantly shifts, with mergers, acquisitions, and strategic partnerships reshaping the industry daily.

At Software Equity Group, we are committed to providing software operators with a distinct competitive edge. Our user-friendly searchable tool lets you dive into select vertically-focused SaaS M&A deals by date, vertical, or name. Identify trends, assess the outcomes of similar transactions, and uncover potential partnerships that align with your strategic goals. Bookmark this page, as we will update it often with new software transactions.  If you’d like to submit a deal that we missed, or have a question, send an email to:

Announced Target Name Acquirer Name SEG Vertical Read Press Release
2023-08-01 Clario (certain assets) Sitero Life Sciences
2023-07-07 4PS Group Hilti Real Estate
2023-05-03 AGO Insurance Software Harris Computer Systems Insurance
2023-07-11 AIM Software Harris Computer Systems Healthcare
2023-05-16 AIOPSGROUP valantic Retail
2023-01-26 APX Engage Technologies Group Healthcare
2023-04-12 ARMS Software Teamworks Innovations Education
2023-07-12 ATACAMA Software DPE Deutsche Private Equity Healthcare
2023-08-22 Abel Noser Solutions Trading Technologies International Financial Services
2023-08-01 Abilis Solutions Harris Computer Systems Government
2023-05-04 AboutTime Technologies Foundation Software Real Estate
2023-02-21 Accelerate Learning Providence Equity Partners Education
2023-08-14 Access eForms Phreesia Healthcare
2023-01-06 Accufund i3 Vertical Government
2023-01-19 Activated Insights Home Care Pulse Healthcare
2023-01-27 Acuity Knowledge Partners Permira Advisers Financial Services
2023-02-21 Acute Informatics Panamax Financial Services
2023-07-25 Advice Intelligence Australia GBST Holdings Financial Services
2023-05-11 Advizzo Calisen Group Energy
2023-01-12 Afia Simitree Healthcare Consulting Healthcare
2023-01-10 AgriBriefing Mintec Agriculture
2023-06-26 Airangel Eleven Software Hospitality
2023-05-22 Airside Mobile Onfidol Other
2023-01-09 Alcedis Huma Therapeutics Healthcare
2023-02-28 Algolux Torc Robotics Automotive
2023-05-16 Alleaves Green Check Verified Other
2023-01-17 Alpha Computer Harris Computer Systems Healthcare
2023-05-25 Alpha II TA Associates Management Healthcare
2023-01-18 Alveo Symphony Technology Group Financial Services
2023-01-10 Amaeco Var Group Energy
2023-03-01 Amodo Cambridge Mobile Telematics Insurance
2023-02-28 Amplexor Life Sciences ArisGlobal Life Sciences
2023-05-23 AnchoRock Solutions KPA Real Estate
2023-05-03 Apex Alliance OptionsSwing Financial Services
2023-05-01 Applikator VideoVisit Healthcare
2023-05-17 Aquanetix Innovasea Agriculture
2023-07-17 Arrivalist AirDNA Hospitality
2023-08-02 Aryeo Zillow Group Real Estate
2023-03-13 Asolva Harris Computer Systems Healthcare
2023-05-12 AssayNet Datamine Australia Other
2023-01-31 Assyst Software & Consultancy Financial Services
2023-02-23 Athonet Hewlett Packard Enterprise Telecom
2023-02-23 Atvero CMap Software Real Estate
2023-03-22 Aumni JPMorgan Chase & Co. Financial Services
2023-04-11 AutoAlert BlackRock Automotive
2023-06-08 AutoVision The Reynolds and Reynolds Company Automotive
2023-08-09 Avid Technology Symphony Technology Group Other
2023-01-05 Avrios International Battery Ventures Automotive
2023-03-08 AxeTrading Trading Technologies International Financial Services
2023-08-29 Azima DLI Fluke Reliability Manufacturing
2023-01-18 BASE Education 7 Mindsets Education
2023-07-13 BASIS Clear Street Financial Services
2023-07-12 BMSI gWorks Government
2023-02-21 BTS ZeroNorth Other
2023-02-14 Balancing Act Polco Government
2023-03-10 Basiq Cuscal Financial Services
2023-02-01 BeQuick Banyan Software Telecom
2023-05-09 Benefits Science MultiPlan Healthcare
2023-03-07 Big Data Healthcare Fifth Third Bancorp Healthcare
2023-04-13 Binary Soluciones Asolvi Real Estate
2023-07-17 Bitbloom PNE Energy
2023-01-18 Blackford Analysis Bayer Aktiengesellschaft Healthcare
2023-04-27 Blossom Educational KidsKonnect Other
2023-07-17 Bluesight Thoma Bravo Healthcare
2023-04-27 Bluestream Health eVisit Healthcare
2023-08-02 Bonzo Mobility Market Intelligence Real Estate
2023-01-20 BoomTown ROI Inside Real Estate Real Estate
2023-08-01 Brace Software Stavvy Real Estate
2023-03-07 Brandcrush Criteo Retail
2023-01-04 BrokerSense Twenty7tec Group Real Estate
2023-01-11 C360 Technologies Cosm Other
2023-08-09 CRCL Solutions Enverus Energy
2023-08-15 CallPotential Storable Real Estate
2023-05-31 Camino Technologies Clariti Cloud Government
2023-05-02 CampBrain Vermont Systems Other
2023-05-17 Canopy Simulations Michelin Group Other
2023-02-09 Caption Health GE Healthcare Healthcare
2023-05-03 Caragon Consulting Ireland Agilio Software Midco Healthcare
2023-01-18 Care Management Systems Grafenia Healthcare
2023-04-05 Carswip Imaweb 2000 Automotive
2023-06-26 Casetext Thomson Reuters Legal
2023-01-18 Caspeco Monterro Hospitality
2023-08-22 Causeway Giving PBC Charity Navigator Nonprofit
2023-04-26 Centage Scaleworks Financial Services
2023-05-17 Certilogo eBay Retail
2023-05-10 ChatFood Deliverect Hospitality
2023-03-06 Cible Petite Enfance ACCEO Solutions Education
2023-01-04 Civil Maps Luminar Technologies Automotive
2023-08-30 Civix (certain assets) Modaxo Government
2023-06-13 ClaimLogiq Apixio Healthcare
2023-02-15 ClassForKids The Access Group Education
2023-08-16 ClassTag SchoolStatus Education
2023-05-11 Classcraft Studios Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Company Education
2023-01-09 Clay Technologies WYBLO Education
2023-02-13 Clevermed System C Healthcare Healthcare
2023-04-05 CloudAhoy ForeFlight Other
2023-07-25 Coachview Paragin Group Education
2023-04-30 Columba Systems AIERA Financial Services
2023-03-07 Comma Payments Weavr Financial Services
2023-06-29 Compilator Kerridge Commercial Systems Automotive
2023-07-24 Complia Health Axxess Technology Solutions Healthcare
2023-06-22 Compliance Publishing Corporation Routeware Other
2023-02-02 CompuOffice Software EquiSoft Financial Services
2023-08-08 Computing System Innovations Tyler Technologies Government
2023-01-25 Conductor Technologies CoreWeave Other
2023-05-15 Consolid Mexico Holding Mondee Other
2023-07-06 CorEvitas Thermo Fisher Scientific Life Sciences
2023-03-22 Core Systems Multi-Health Systems Government
2023-05-09 Corecon Technologies The Sage Group Real Estate
2023-07-18 Coredination SmartCraft Real Estate
2023-03-27 Courtroom Connect Greybull Stewardship Legal
2023-01-23 Coyote Software Vitalhub Healthcare
2023-06-20 Cream Analytics InCorta Financial Services
2023-05-09 Credegraph Truv Financial Services
2023-03-15 CrewSight ASSA ABLOY Real Estate
2023-02-27 Crosscope Clarapath Healthcare
2023-07-26 Crossplag Inspera Education
2023-04-27 Cubus Solutions Tyfone Financial Services
2023-04-20 Curaspan Health Group WellSky Corporation Healthcare
2023-02-21 Aledade Healthcare
2023-01-05 Curve Royalty Systems Downtown Music Holdings Other
2023-01-05 Curve Royalty Systems Downtown Music Holdings Other
2023-05-08 Cyclica Recursion Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences
2023-05-09 D3X Systems Talos Trading Financial Services
2023-03-13 Carbon6 Technologies Retail
2023-05-15 DL Systems Vitec Software Group Hospitality
2023-07-17 DSG Signant Health Life Sciences
2023-01-11 Darwin Homes Pagaya Technologies Real Estate
2023-05-03 Data-Basics CORA Group Real Estate
2023-08-09 DataStreet Clearstory Technologies Real Estate
2023-03-21 Dataloft PriceHubble Real Estate
2023-04-03 DealerCorp Solutions The Reynolds and Reynolds Company Automotive
2023-04-19 Deft Sales SmartAsset Advisors Financial Services
2023-01-29 Demandlink Theta Retail Retail
2023-08-30 Denim Social Capacity Financial Services
2023-04-13 DesignDocs Studio Designer Real Estate
2023-07-10 Detechtion Technologies Resurgens Technology Partners Energy
2023-07-06 Devana Solutions RealTime Software Solutions Healthcare
2023-01-27 DiCOM Software Abrigo Financial Services
2023-07-26 Dialogue Health Technologies Sun Life Financial Healthcare
2023-02-14 DimeTyd Threecolts Retail
2023-06-05 DirectAthletics FloSports Other
2023-05-01 Docket ServiceCore Other
2023-05-17 Doorsey Real Estate
2023-08-29 DreamBox Learning Discovery Education Education
2023-02-23 Dtech Huddlestock Fintech Financial Services
2023-01-09 Duck Creek Technologies Vista Equity Partners Management Insurance
2023-06-12 EDUGO AI Docebo Education
2023-03-07 Ease Luminate Capital Partners Manufacturing
2023-08-24 Ecedo Energy21 Energy
2023-07-05 Ecometrica EcoOnline Holding Energy
2023-02-14 Eduthings iCEV Education
2023-07-11 Elentra Achieve Partners Management Education
2023-05-25 Embark Technology Applied Intuition Automotive
2023-07-20 Emydex Technology BAADER Global Manufacturing
2023-01-30 EnAppSys Montel Energy
2023-02-23 Enova Vitec Software Group Energy
2023-06-12 Entry Event Sweden Vitec Software Group Hospitality
2023-08-15 Envonics RussKap Water Agriculture
2023-08-10 Evolvi Rail Systems Clarity Travel Other
2023-01-04 Evry Health Cloud Initiative Healthcare
2023-08-23 Experience Care WellSky Corporation Healthcare
2023-01-19 F1 Solutions Auriga Financial Services
2023-01-02 FAST2 Affrssystem Addnode Group Real Estate
2023-08-03 FLX Holding Questrade Financial Group Retail
2023-07-17 FM:Systems Group Johnson Controls International Real Estate
2023-04-04 Fastcase vLex Legal
2023-08-31 FilePro Actionstep Legal
2023-03-22 Finsolutia Pollen Street Capital Real Estate
2023-01-10 Finstreet fintus Financial Services
2023-03-17 Five Degrees Holding Financial Services
2023-02-15 FleetMon Kpler Other
2023-01-17 Flexcavo Trackunit Real Estate
2023-08-16 Flipp Corporation Truelink Capital Retail
2023-05-10 FloEnvy Growlink Agriculture
2023-03-21 Flutura Business Solutions Accenture Manufacturing
2023-05-04 Focus POS Systems Shift4 Payments Retail
2023-06-20 Forager Local Line Agriculture
2023-07-10 Forcepoint (certain assets) TPG Capital Government
2023-06-27 Formative Newsela Education
2023-01-16 Fortytools zvoove Group Real Estate
2023-02-15 Foundant Technologies L Squared Capital Partners Nonprofit
2023-01-23 Freicon Software Valsoft Automotive
2023-07-18 FreightFriend Truckstop Other
2023-07-12 Fresnel Software Bow River Capital Partners Energy
2023-03-21 From Now On Snap! Spend Education
2023-06-06 Full Measure StudentBridge Education
2023-08-03 FundsDLT DB1 Ventures Financial Services
2023-01-24 Futura Valsoft Corporation Other
2023-05-02 FutureOn a.s. Kongsberg Digital Energy
2023-04-18 Fyniti Global Equities SMC Entertainment Financial Services
2023-05-12 G2K Group ServiceNow Retail
2023-05-03 GOVBR Volaris Group Government
2023-05-17 Gaming Hive HeadsUp Entertainment International Nonprofit
2023-01-11 Gavelytics Pre/Dicta Legal
2023-04-26 Genivity Lumiant Financial Services
2023-03-09 GenoData EDV-Systeme FOCONIS Financial Services
2023-07-20 Genpro Research Catalyst Clinical Research Life Sciences
2023-07-05 Gestion Tributaria Territorial Stirling Square Government
2023-05-15 MotorK Italia Automotive
2023-05-23 GhostPractice Dye & Durham Legal
2023-03-06 GoalProfit Digital Wave Technology Retail
2023-03-28 GotPhoto EQT Education
2023-01-11 Grafted Teamworks Innovations Other
2023-08-21 GreatSoft Vela Software International Financial Services
2023-02-10 GreenSlate Francisco Partners Management Other
2023-08-14 Greenbird Integration Technology GE Vernova Energy
2023-08-21 Griffeye Technologies Magnet Forensics Government
2023-06-21 Groundspeed Analytics Two Sigma Insurance Quantified Insurance
2023-05-16 GrowthZone Lead Edge Capital Management Nonprofit
2023-07-11 Guestline Access Hospitality Real Estate
2023-01-12 H&H Datenverarbeitungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft Visma Government
2023-05-24 HGEM Volaris Group Hospitality
2023-01-20 Halo Rent Oh Goodlord Real Estate
2023-08-03 HealthPay24 Waystar Healthcare
2023-02-21 HomeBinder InspectionGo Real Estate
2023-08-15 Horizn Inbenta Holdings Financial Services
2023-01-10 Hospital IQ LeanTaaS Holdings Healthcare
2023-01-24 Hpara Cordance Operations Education
2023-01-19 Hubble Studios Education
2023-04-25 HumanAPI LexisNexis Risk Solutions Life Sciences
2023-08-22 Hypergiant Industries Trive Capital Management Government
2023-06-15 I-Engineering XDimensional Technologies Financial Services
2023-08-09 IESA Aareon Real Estate
2023-04-04 IMS Maxims Total Specific Solutions (TSS) Healthcare
2023-03-14 IPKeys Power Partners Parsons Energy
2023-08-29 IPRO Tech Reveal Data Legal
2023-06-27 IT Retail Dura Software Retail
2023-01-12 ImEX Systems Convenient Brands Automotive
2023-04-04 Imaging Panda OpenLoop Health Healthcare
2023-01-05 Imburse Payments Duck Creek Technologies Insurance
2023-01-19 InTouch Data MyDigitalOffice Holdings Hospitality
2023-07-10 InTouch Receipting KEV Group Education
2023-07-28 Infare Solutions OAG Aviation Worldwide Other
2023-06-22 Infobric Stirling Square Capital Partners Real Estate
2023-03-01 InitLive Bloomerang Nonprofit
2023-08-14 Inlightened Healthcare
2023-01-23 Insight Legal Software Dye & Durham Corporation Legal
2023-08-30 Instem ArchiMed Life Sciences
2023-02-01 Insurium Spear Technologies Insurance
2023-04-13 Integrated Media Management Cash Flow Management Financial Services
2023-02-27 Integrated Transaction Systems TRAFiX Financial Services
2023-01-05 InterMed Group Cressey & Company/Health Enterprise Partners Healthcare
2023-01-17 Interware Avenu Insights & Analytics Government
2023-01-09 Invicta Health Solutions Rsi Healthcare
2023-06-07 Invistics Corporation Wolters Kluwer Health Manufacturing
2023-01-19 Ion Wave Technologies GTY Technology Holdings Government
2023-08-20 Iress Limited (certain assets) SS&C Technologies Holdings Financial Services
2023-06-08 IrriWatch Hydrosat Agriculture
2023-08-24 Jules Energy Energy21 Energy
2023-01-31 Kauza The Kantar Group Retail
2023-06-13 Kingswood Computing FRS Herdwatch Agriculture
2023-07-24 Kiona Holding Carel Industries Real Estate
2023-02-10 Kivuto Solutions Valsoft Corporation Education
2023-08-08 Klopotek Valsoft Corporation Other
2023-02-01 Koala Labs Chowly Hospitality
2023-06-06 Komplyd Green Check Verified Other
2023-04-26 Krug Sachverstndige Verisk Analytics Insurance
2023-03-20 LIGL Data Sciences Reveal Data Corporation Legal
2023-03-01 LOGEX International Healthcare Analytics Thoma Bravo Healthcare
2023-08-22 Labstep STARLIMS Corporation Life Sciences
2023-08-29 Land Insight and Resources PEXA Group Government
2023-07-10 Lantern Machinery Analytics PDF Solutions Automotive
2023-02-06 Last Call Analytics OrderEase Retail
2023-05-15 LastMileXchange Connectbase Telecom
2023-08-01 Layer Software (certain assets) SHEETGO EUROPE Financial Services
2023-08-07 Liberty Source Harris Computer Systems Education
2023-03-16 LightSail Education Mindplay Education
2023-02-16 Lightning MD Elation Health Healthcare
2023-07-14 Limbix Health Big Health Healthcare
2023-06-12 LineLeader Marlin Equity Partners Education
2023-03-02 Lineup Systems Chartbeat Other
2023-02-09 Litify Bessemer Venture Partners Government
2023-08-07 Livn ResPax Other
2023-05-25 LobbyFox Transmission Manufacturing
2023-08-29 Logikcull Reveal Data Legal
2023-08-09 Lucid Travel Other
2023-08-03 Luminello (certain assets) SimplePractice Healthcare
2023-01-05 MBI Healthcare Technologies DNV Healthcare
2023-05-16 MDPortals Reveleer Insurance
2023-02-03 MSB School Services Craftsman Capital Partners Education
2023-07-10 Macrobond Financial Francisco Partners Management Financial Services
2023-01-20 Magnet Forensics Thoma Bravo Government
2023-02-27 MajorClarity Paper Education Company Education
2023-07-18 Makaira ECOMMERCE ONE Acquico Retail
2023-06-05 MarginMAX Storewise Retail
2023-02-16 Market Scan Information Systems S&P Global Mobility Automotive
2023-03-14 Maxpanda Software TMA Systems Manufacturing
2023-05-08 Med Rep Meeting Reveal Lasers Healthcare
2023-06-07 MedReportGuard Cordata Healthcare Innovations Government
2023-07-17 Medacist Solutions Group Bluesight Healthcare
2023-07-25 MediGO CareDx Healthcare
2023-01-06 MediSked CaseWorthy Nonprofit
2023-03-01 Mediant Communications BetaNXT Financial Services
2023-04-18 Medimo Enovation Healthcare
2023-01-12 Medusind Solutions Alpine Investors Healthcare
2023-05-22 Melax Technologies Intelligent Medical Objects Healthcare
2023-02-08 Ment M-Files Legal
2023-06-27 Mercaris Argus Media Agriculture
2023-02-15 Meridix Creative Stack Sports Other
2023-06-07 Mesa Cloud Panorama Education Education
2023-05-17 Metaco Ripple Labs Financial Services
2023-05-03 Metadata Technology Regnology Group Financial Services
2023-07-11 MetroQuest Social Pinpoint Government
2023-02-28 MicroTraffic Miovision Technologies Government
2023-02-01 Mina FLEETCOR Technologies Energy
2023-08-30 Minotaur Software CAI Software Manufacturing
2023-07-11 Miro AI Greenfly Other
2023-04-26 Mitobit Global Payments Financial Services
2023-07-21 Modus Engagement Bigtincan Holdings Manufacturing
2023-03-09 Molofinance ColCap Financial Real Estate
2023-05-30 Morning Data Verisk Analytics Insurance
2023-02-03 Motor Fuel License Center IGEN Fuels Energy
2023-06-29 Movendos Oiva Health Group Healthcare
2023-03-09 Mpirik Tempus Healthcare
2023-01-04 Myst AI Snowflake Energy
2023-01-26 NXTsoft Cash Flow Management Financial Services
2023-04-19 NailSoft Aurora Payments Other
2023-08-01 NavCare MD Revolution Healthcare
2023-06-13 Neagen Vitec Software Group Healthcare
2023-03-03 Neatoscan Cordance Operations Retail
2023-04-03 Newforma Ethos Capital Real Estate
2023-01-11 NextPlay Careers Teamworks Innovations Other
2023-07-19 Nextech Systems TPG Capital Healthcare
2023-07-11 Nimble This OpenVault Telecom
2023-06-05 NoveTechnologies Farm Health Guardian Agriculture
2023-06-15 Nucoro Backbase Financial Services
2023-02-07 OJO Canada Royal Bank of Canada Real Estate
2023-02-07 Envision Pharma Group Life Sciences
2023-01-24 Object Matrix DataCore Software Other
2023-02-20 OceanX MCI BPO Other
2023-01-12 Octave Valsoft Retail
2023-07-19 Odyssey Validation Consultants ATS Corporation Life Sciences
2023-02-01 OilX Energy Aspects Energy
2023-07-24 Once For All Sarl GTCR Real Estate
2023-05-08 OneComply GeoComply Solutions Other
2023-08-14 OnePacs Experity Healthcare
2023-08-17 Onramp Invest Securitize Financial Services
2023-03-21 Open Tender ItsaCheckmate Hospitality
2023-08-18 Opentelehealth Doccla Healthcare
2023-05-22 Oplogic DealerBuilt Automotive
2023-06-01 Optrail Siemens Mobility Other
2023-02-13 Orbit Logic Boecore Government
2023-04-11 Oxford Computer Consultants Liquidlogic Government
2023-05-02 Oxlo Systems Dura Software Automotive
2023-03-14 PMG Projektraum Management Pro4all Cloud Services Real Estate
2023-07-25 PWSWARE BuildOps Real Estate
2023-06-08 Pandell Technology ESG Global Energy
2023-04-07 Pantera Global Technology QuestCDN Real Estate
2023-04-24 Paradocs Mountain Software accesso Technology Group Other
2023-05-03 Paragon Data Labs Intapp Financial Services
2023-05-23 ParityFactory Advantive Manufacturing
2023-07-18 Parsec Automation Bessemer Venture Partners Manufacturing
2023-03-15 Patient Pattern PointClickCare Technologies Healthcare
2023-08-23 Patron Point Springshare Government
2023-03-20 PawLoyalty Software Kennel Connection Other
2023-04-14 Peakwork Vela Software International Other
2023-06-05 Pencilwrench StoneEagle F&I Automotive
2023-06-08 PeopleGIS Schneider Geospatial Government
2023-02-16 PeraHealth Spacelabs Healthcare Healthcare
2023-02-23 Perspecta 5th Century Partners Healthcare
2023-06-12 PharmaReturns PharmaLink Life Sciences
2023-05-08 Phas3 Ucardia Healthcare
2023-01-12 Pierian Velsera Healthcare
2023-08-23 PikeTec Synopsys Automotive
2023-01-19 Pinnacle Quality Insight Home Care Pulse Healthcare
2023-06-28 Pismo Solues Tecnologicas Visa Financial Services
2023-01-05 Playbook365 Alliance Reservations Network Other
2023-05-11 Pliance Verified Global Insurance
2023-07-03 Pointscene Arkance Real Estate
2023-06-20 Poka IFS Manufacturing
2023-07-20 Polaris AI Aya Healthcare Healthcare
2023-08-02 PolyPaths Numerix Financial Services
2023-08-14 Populi Definitive Healthcare Healthcare
2023-08-07 Pragma MarketAxess Holdings Financial Services
2023-03-23 Premier Software Solutions Journey Hospitality Hospitality
2023-01-26 Prima Solutions Total Specific Solutions Insurance
2023-01-11 Prime Technologies TMA Systems Manufacturing
2023-01-03 Printers Software DocketManager Other
2023-04-17 Prodigo Solutions Global Healthcare Exchange Healthcare
2023-06-13 Progrits Axcel Management Automotive
2023-01-17 Proxima Solutions DNV Energy
2023-01-09 Public-i Group Lyvia Group Government
2023-01-19 Qadex Ideagen Other
2023-06-07 Questline Harris Computer Systems Energy
2023-01-23 Quick Internet Software Solutions Davies Group Insurance
2023-02-09 Quoteburst Harris Computer Systems Insurance
2023-03-21 Quottly Parchment Education
2023-04-11 R.C. Systems DaySmart Software Other
2023-02-01 Radius AgencyBloc Insurance
2023-06-06 RailCube Main Capital Partners Other
2023-06-08 Rainmaker Business Technologies Skymetrix Services Other
2023-05-01 Raisely Aplos Software Nonprofit
2023-01-23 Rapid Recon Vehlo Holdings Automotive
2023-03-14 Readlee Paper Education Company Education
2023-06-06 Rebate Insight SpendMend Healthcare
2023-04-19 Red Deer Kaizen Reporting Financial Services
2023-02-01 Redzone QAD Manufacturing
2023-04-11 VideoVerse Other
2023-02-08 Relocator MooveGuru Real Estate
2023-07-13 Rent Dynamics Entrata Real Estate
2023-03-24 Rentastic SetSchedule Real Estate
2023-02-21 Repair Pricer InspectionGo Real Estate
2023-04-05 Replyco Billbee Retail
2023-06-05 Resoptima Halliburton Company Energy
2023-06-14 RetailOps Flowspace Retail
2023-01-11 Retain Technologies Teamworks Innovations Education
2023-06-30 Revenue Masters Elevate Patient Financial Solutions Healthcare
2023-01-24 ReviveHealth Eir Partners Healthcare
2023-03-29 Rhove ReAlpha Asset Management Real Estate
2023-05-08 Ribbon Home EasyKnock Real Estate
2023-05-17 Pepper Advantage Technologies Financial Services
2023-05-22 Rize Money Fifth Third Bancorp Financial Services
2023-08-30 Roger Ever.Ag Agriculture
2023-02-22 Roostify CoreLogic Real Estate
2023-01-17 Ryalto nGAGE Talent Healthcare
2023-01-26 SCR Tracker Sign In Solutions Education
2023-07-20 SINQIA EVERTEC Financial Services
2023-01-12 SMS Assist Lessen Real Estate
2023-08-24 STOGO Travel Nurse across America Healthcare
2023-04-13 ScanSTAT Technologies Verisma Systems Healthcare
2023-06-06 Scanco Software The Firmament Group Manufacturing
2023-04-25 SchoolPass Raptor Technologies Education
2023-06-18 SecuLore Solutions Exacom Government
2023-04-28 Securrency WisdomTree Financial Services
2023-08-08 Seekda Valsoft Corporation Hospitality
2023-05-25 Semantic Evolution Fimatix UK Financial Services
2023-06-07 Sensire Main Capital Partners Healthcare
2023-08-21 Sentient Buildings Smartcon Solutions Real Estate
2023-07-13 SequoiaSoft SAS Septeo Hospitality
2023-08-15 Shadowbox Myndshft Technologies Healthcare
2023-06-05 Shelton Development Services Valsoft Corporation Real Estate
2023-08-16 Showcase IDX Constellation Real Estate Group Real Estate
2023-02-16 SigmaLogic TMX Group Financial Services
2023-01-24 Simplex Mobility DMI Telecom
2023-04-18 Simplifeye Vyne Dental Healthcare
2023-02-22 SiteTrace BuildCentrix Real Estate
2023-08-11 Skupos PDI Technologies Retail
2023-01-05 Smart Traffik The DKUPLE Group Retail
2023-05-12 Smart-Q uhb consulting Healthcare
2023-01-11 Smartabase Teamworks Innovations Education
2023-07-24 Smartlinx Lone View Capital Management Healthcare
2023-08-15 Snapcell TradePending Automotive
2023-08-24 Soar Technology Forward Slope Government
2023-06-12 SoftGenetics Dotmatics Life Sciences
2023-06-14 Solar Blaze SalesRabbit Energy
2023-02-01 Solcast DNV Energy
2023-01-24 SolveBio QuartzBio Healthcare
2023-07-05 Somnoware Healthcare Systems ResMed Healthcare
2023-08-22 Sophi Mather Economics Other
2023-01-16 Soundmouse Orfium Other
2023-04-03 SourceKnowledge mrge Group Retail
2023-05-16 Sovereign Sportsman Solutions PayIt Government
2023-05-18 Spaggiari Ambienta SGR Education
2023-08-09 Spatialest Schneider Geospatial Government
2023-06-13 Spidertracks Air Maestro Other
2023-06-19 Sprengnetter Group Scout24 Real Estate
2023-01-20 Stellar Technology Solutions RenPSG Nonprofit
2023-05-09 Storewise Nexa Equity Retail
2023-03-28 SureDatum Stryve Financial Services
2023-03-28 Sweed Leaf Trade Other
2023-08-21 Synergy International Elecate Hospitality
2023-03-16 TAET Software BioVaxys Technology Healthcare
2023-03-01 TI Health Real Chemistry Healthcare
2023-08-03 TM Cloud (certain assets) Alt Legal Legal
2023-07-13 Tacton Systems Rubicon Technology Partners Manufacturing
2023-07-05 Techsembly Sabre Corporation Hospitality
2023-07-26 Tekion Digital Processing Tekion Automotive
2023-04-19 Tevera Lumivero Education
2023-03-23 Tharstern Group EPS Manufacturing
2023-07-25 That Clean Life Practice Better Life Sciences
2023-05-23 The Ambassador Platform IDP Education Education
2023-01-11 The AutoMiner PureCars Technologies Automotive
2023-08-14 The Burgiss Group MSCI Financial Services
2023-04-11 Thimble Insurance Services Arch Insurance Group Insurance
2023-01-13 ThinkLP ASG Retail
2023-08-01 ThinkTime StoreForce Solutions Retail
2023-03-23 TigerTMS Valsoft Hospitality
2023-02-17 Titanium Software Holdings Lumine Group Telecom
2023-02-17 Topfloor Systems Grafenia Real Estate
2023-03-02 TourOpp RocketRez Hospitality
2023-07-06 Tracey SendCloud Retail
2023-03-13 Tradenet S&P Global Commodity Insights Financial Services
2023-04-19 TrafficLand SmartCTY Technologies Government
2023-03-20 Trax AAR Corporation Other
2023-01-10 Treverity ARCOS Energy
2023-05-10 Triage Partners Broadtree Partners Telecom
2023-07-11 DropSend Legal
2023-02-06 ZS Associates Life Sciences
2023-07-12 Trideo Systems Marsh McLennan Agency Healthcare
2023-04-27 Tripleseat Software General Atlantic Hospitality
2023-05-10 Tritan Software Ideagen Other
2023-04-27 Tyfone Demopolis Equity Partners Financial Services
2023-03-21 UNIFI Labs Autodesk Real Estate
2023-06-09 UNIwise Monterro Education
2023-03-17 UTIL360 360S2G Energy
2023-01-12 UgenTec Velsera Life Sciences
2023-04-03 Unnax Powens Financial Services
2023-04-26 Unstack Elastic Path Software Retail
2023-01-31 UpStay Plusgrade Hospitality
2023-07-27 Uplift Universal Credit Other
2023-04-24 Upper Sigma Litera Legal
2023-08-22 Uptrust FieldWare Government
2023-06-01 VALIDIFI RIBBIT Financial Services
2023-06-20 VGS accesso Technology Group Other
2023-05-08 Vagabond Vending PayRange Retail
2023-05-08 Valence Discovery Recursion Pharmaceuticals Life Sciences
2023-04-19 Valk Solutions GSG GENII Software Group Retail
2023-01-03 Valuant Abrigo Financial Services
2023-01-23 Velocity Automotive Solutions Vehlo Holdings Automotive
2023-05-23 VeraCore Advantive Manufacturing
2023-03-06 Vericle ClinicMind Healthcare
2023-08-18 Vervotech Solutions Juniper Consulting Other
2023-03-21 Vibenomics Mood Media Retail
2023-01-05 Vimcar Battery Ventures Automotive
2023-02-22 VizExplorer Dry Line Partners Other
2023-06-06 Vorsen TimeEdit Education
2023-08-30 WIHP Cendyn Group Hospitality
2023-06-13 WINGX Advance JETNET Other
2023-02-08 WallySmarter Carbon6 Technologies Retail
2023-08-09 WatchWire Tango Management Consulting Energy
2023-02-06 Wattstor Ara Partners Energy
2023-06-02 Wave Systems Complexica Other
2023-03-08 Wavework Multilot Other
2023-08-17 Wellbe (certain assets) Orbita Healthcare
2023-01-30 Welvie Paradigm Management Services Healthcare
2023-02-28 WennSoft Volaris Group Real Estate
2023-03-06 Whooo's Reading Savvas Learning Company Education
2023-05-16 Winklevoss Technologies Perseus Operating Group Financial Services
2023-07-20 With Intelligence Motive Partners GP Financial Services
2023-05-24 Within Health ImagineSoftware Healthcare
2023-03-28 Woodseer Global OptionMetrics Financial Services
2023-08-24 Woorton B2C2 Financial Services
2023-08-10 Working Group Two Cisco Systems Telecom
2023-04-10 Wrapify Wrapmate Automotive
2023-02-16 Xignite QUODD Financial Information Services Financial Services
2023-03-30 Xtiva Financial Systems PureFacts Financial Solutions Financial Services
2023-06-02 XtremeAI Woflow Other
2023-01-17 Yapster Sona Hospitality
2023-01-19 YieldX FNZ UK Financial Services
2023-05-08 ZONTAL Bruker Life Sciences
2023-08-15 Zafire Group Valsoft Corporation Other
2023-08-02 Zygo Technologies (certain assets) Tekton Billing Telecom
2023-05-31 aptone Cyanite Other
2023-04-04 auxalia Sophora Unternehmerkapita Real Estate
2023-06-12 cleversoft group Levine Leichtman Capital Partners Financial Services
2023-03-07 control.IT Planon Real Estate
2023-06-06 eDepoze TransPerfect Legal Solutions Legal
2023-05-10 eVorsorge Systems Xempus Insurance
2023-07-26 energyOrbit APOGEE Interactive / Aiqueous Energy
2023-05-19 i4SEE TECH SkySpecs Energy
2023-08-28 iNNOGING Medical 3B Scientific Healthcare
2023-04-24 m.Doc CompuGroup Medical SE & Co. KGaA Healthcare
2023-03-01 mphrX agilon health Healthcare
2023-03-09 myCatalyst Veracity Benefits Healthcare
2023-05-03 myprosperity HUB24 Financial Services
2023-04-04 n2y Five Arrows Capital Partners Education
2023-06-07 pVerify DoseSpot Healthcare
2023-01-20 pdv Financial Software Main Capital Partners Financial Services
2023-07-04 plenigo billwerk Other
2023-07-26 Springer Nature Life Sciences
2023-02-01 psKINETIC VASS Consultora de Sistemas SL Financial Services
2023-05-08 rSchoolToday PlayOn! Sports Education
2023-05-24 spaceOS Equiem Services Real Estate
2023-08-17 trend SWM Aptean Manufacturing
2023-07-07 uTax Software CrossLink Professional Tax Solutions Financial Services
2023-01-31 xSEL Labs 7 Mindsets Education

The SEG Vertical SaaS M&A Database (a) is comprised of only select transactions, (b) does not contain complete information about such transactions, and (c) includes categorizations and information based upon SEG’s judgment. Accordingly, no inference or conclusion should be reached based upon this information.