Our Clients Are Eager to Refer Us

Why? We take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients long before the M&A process begins. We educate them on the market, metrics and prospective buyers, and we guide them through the process so they can approach the deal with confidence.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with SEG! The team provided unmatched insight, expertise and understanding of strategic relationships in our industry."
Alice Reimer
CEO and Founder, Evoco

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"There’s simply no way we could’ve gone through this process without Software Equity Group’s advice, guidance, and counsel. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve the outcome we did without their support and valuable guidance."
Robert Johnson
CEO, TeamSupport
"I was a skeptical of the value an M&A advisor could provide. I was wrong. I learned more in the first 45 days working with SEG than in six years running the company. The result was a financial outcome that significantly exceeded expectations."
Dr. Dan Patterson
Former CEO, Acumen
"As someone who has done several M&A deals and worked with countless advisors, I know great. The Software Equity Group team delivered! They were professional, attentive, and extremely knowledgeable about our industry."
Terry Slattery
CEO, CheckpointID
"Their level of professionalism and efficiency throughout the process was bar none. I definitely could not have achieved the great outcome we did without SEG at our side!"
Shaul Kuper
Founder & CEO, Destiny Solutions
"I have the utmost regard for SEG’s integrity, perseverance and attention to detail. Their seasoned negotiation skills and their unique ability to manage both the seller's and buyer's expectations were simply invaluable."
Rose Lochmann
Founder, A.L. Wizard

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"The SEG team was dedicated, aggressive when need be, and effectively ran a highly strategic, competitive process that drove valuation. In the end, SEG exceeded our expectations.”
Robert Balgely
CEO, Mersive Technologies
"We chose SEG based on their deep knowledge of SaaS business metrics and a stellar reputation. SEG lived up to their reputation and drove a process that resulted in an unexpected, and fantastic result."
Lance Merker
CEO, OmniUpdate