SaaS M&A Valuations Are On The Rise For Businesses That Fit a Specific Profile

If ever there was a time to evaluate the unique opportunity that stands before you, it’s now. Our typical clients are vertical SaaS companies between $5M to $50M in ARR, but we often begin offering guidance as early as $3M of ARR. Whether you are a burgeoning software company striving to reach that $5M milestone or an established business, seeking a majority exit, strategic sale, or just wanting guidance on strategies to improve your metrics, we’re here to help.

Let’s discuss:
  • Multiples and interest. Explore typical valuation multiples for businesses similar to yours.
  • Buyer dynamics and priorities. Discuss key players and the factors all buyer types are prioritizing today.
  • Valuation insights.  Learn current trends that might impact your company’s valuation and explore strategies for improving valuation both in the short term and over a three to five-year horizon.
It’s time to talk about your company’s future.

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