Watch Webinar: Expert Private Equity Perspectives on the Evolving Software M&A Market

Austin Hammer
VP, Software Equity Group
René Yang Stewart
Senior Managing Director at Vista Equity Partners & Co-Head of Vista Endeavor Funds
Gavin Turner
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Mainsail Partners
Sarah Sommer
Co-Founder & Partner, Level Equity

What is Discussed

In a constantly evolving M&A market, it can be challenging for software founders and executives to know where to focus their attention as they strive to improve operations and maximize their company’s value.

Software Equity Group’s recent survey and M&A market analysis revealed many interesting insights about how founders and executives can best position their companies during uncertain times.

To provide additional clarity, SEG hosted a panel discussion with three top software-focused private equity investors who are adapting to evolving market dynamics daily. In this discussion, the panelists shared their perspectives on the following:

  • What is driving valuations in the current software market
  • How the macroeconomic environment is impacting their decision-making
  • What metrics they are considering as they evaluate opportunities
  • What it means for software businesses that fit the right profile

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