M&A Client testimonials

Our M&A Clients, Their Success Stories

Over One Hundred B2B Software Executives Share Their Incredible Experiences Working with Software Equity Group.

Customer Centric Philosophy

Exceeding expectations and achieving outcomes which dramatically impact your life.

SEG completes many transactions each year, but I never felt that my deal was anything but their highest priority."
- Tom Jones, President & CEO, AutoMon
Chris Atkinson
Former CEO, IMS

“We forged a true partnership between our teams, without which we would not have achieved such a strong outcome.”

Todd Collins
Founder & CEO, HemaTerra Technologies

“After working with hundreds of vendors, suppliers, and partners over the last 30 years, I consider my experience with SEG to be the most enjoyable with the best outcome.

John Sottery
Founder & CEO, Enginuity

“Hiring SEG was the best decision I have made in my life. They never pushed me to sell right away, and they always put my interests before theirs.

York Baur
Executive VP, MoxiWorks

“Their combination of smarts, connections, and guidance was right on. And while other firms might claim to offer similar capabilities, only SEG adds their unique style and chemistry to everything they do.”

Chris Tranquill
CEO, Co-Founder, Topbox

“Having spent my career in the customer experience arena, I tend to view all my business relationships from a CX perspective. Without exception, I would give SEG the highest marks.

Oren Rosen
Co-Founder, Cougar Software

“SEG is not about just getting another deal done, they are in it for the long term and strive for win-win outcomes from a place of honesty and integrity.”

Carl Hall
CEO, Datalliance

“SEG provided valuable mentoring for 10 years before selecting them as my advisor. They demonstrated a strong expertise in my industry and clearly outlined what the process would be like.”

Mike Lang
President, FullCount

“The team at SEG was honest, personable, and trustworthy in the sales process, and that carried through the entire project. They exceeded my expectations in every area.”

Kevin Pickhardt
CEO, Pharos Systems

“It is not the work we have done together that enabled a strong relationship, but a strong relationship that enabled the good work to be accomplished.”

Tony Zuccato
Vice President, ProducePro

“They were there every step of the way to help assist us with every task and every question. Simply put, we couldn’t have done this without SEG!

Andrew Carricarte
CEO, President, Tritan

“As someone who has exited businesses in the past, I quickly realized that my engagement with SEG was different…I’d absolutely welcome another M&A deal with their team in the future.”

Jonathan Murray
Co-Founder, CEO, MyVR

“SEG was a trusted partner throughout our acquisition process, and I felt as though they never lost focus on what was best for us as their client.

Neal Bach
Co-Founder, CEO, Energy Profiles Limited

“These are the pro’s pros. They’re smart, dedicated, and fun to work with, and their expertise and guidance through the challenging times were extremely reassuring and helpful.”

Driving Value

Exceeding expectations and achieving outcomes which dramatically impact your life.

I know without a doubt that retaining SEG was the highest ROI investment we ever made as a company."
- Tad Fallows, CEO, iLab
Richard Crawford
President, PC Synergy

” They added immense value in strategically positioning our business within the broader landscape, which garnered a large amount of buyer interest.

Jeff Doose
Partner, BestTransport

“Their ability to distill the essence of each value proposition, effectively communicate that value to the buyer community and negotiate and close a high-value transaction was second to none.”

Dr. Dan Patterson
Former CEO, Acumen

“SEG quickly recognized and articulated Acumen’s strategic value, engaged with buyers at a very senior level, and positioned the company to maximize synergy.

Jim Erickson
CEO, Blue Mountain Quality Resources

Their deep knowledge of the industry, the SaaS model, and its drivers delivered the results. I could not be more pleased with the outcome!”

Terry Danner
CEO, SightPlan

“SEG was instrumental in strategically positioning our business to the market and helping us clearly convey the tremendous growth potential of SightPlan.”

Justin Alanis
Founder, CEO, Rentlytics

“The SEG team did a phenomenal job keeping buyers engaged and moving aggressively through the process.”

John Eller
Founder, CEO, InSight Mobile Data

“Their experience with software companies like ours was instrumental in creating a competitive bidding environment and achieving the best possible outcome.

Robert Balgely
CEO, Mersive Technologies

“The team was dedicated, aggressive when need be, and effectively ran a highly strategic, competitive process that drove valuation.

Tad Fallows
CEO, iLab Solutions, Inc

“I know without a doubt that retaining SEG was the highest ROI investment we ever made as a company.”

Paul McRoberts
President, CEO, Atonix Digital

“Before becoming a client, SEG guided us through multiple critical stages of our business, from being created as a subsidiary of a large public company to the management team acquiring the business.”

Cem Erdem
Founder, CEO, Augusoft

“SEG played a critical role in the success of my transaction by running a competitive process and keeping all parties engaged until the last minute.”

Zach Kestenbaum
CEO, BuildingLink

“From meticulous attention to detail to tireless work ethic and creative problem solving, this process showcased their industry expertise and ability to maximize value.”

Exceptional Outcomes

Crafting your story to highlight the factors with the biggest impact on your company’s value.

All this resulted in a hugely successful outcome for the shareholders of Rentlytics with a 10x ARR multiple.”
- Justin Alanis, Founder & CEO, Rentlytics
John Alexander
COO, Co-Founder, Ion Wave Technologies Inc

“They quickly became experts on our business, positioned our business well with prospective acquirers, and helped us negotiate a fantastic outcome.

Chris Fowler
CEO, Co-Founder, ClearPathGPS

“In short, SEG delivered on all fronts: expertise, credibility that opened doors, a proven track record of exceeding expectations, and a commitment to driving company value and multiples.

Richard Snyder
Chairman, CEO, Asure

“They identified an array of highly attractive candidates, astutely assessed and valued each, and negotiated, structured and closed a transaction that exceeded our acquisition objectives.”

Joe Mastrianni
Founder, CEO, HAPPY Software

“I looked at it this way, pretty much everybody loses their first game of chess, and I wanted to win. So, I hired the Bobby Fisher of software M&A deals as my coach and partner. Checkmate!”

Terry Slattery
CEO, CheckpointID

“As someone who has done several M&A deals and worked with countless advisors, I know great. The Software Equity Group team delivered!

Daren Jackson
Founder & CEO, Rapid Financial Solutions

“SEG was a vital partner in helping us achieve a phenomenal outcome.

Matthew Gonnering
CEO, Widen Enterprises

“SEG helped us find the perfect buyer, and we are very excited about the future of our company under new ownership. Thank you, SEG!

John Hinckley
CEO, Modern Message

I hired SEG after attempting to close a deal without a banker and continued to receive inbound inquiries… Man was I glad the first deal did not close!”

Steve Baker
President, CEO, Brandfolder

“With SEG, we were able to achieve an exceptional outcome with valuations well beyond expectations.

Lance Merker
CEO, OmniUpdate

“We chose SEG based on their deep knowledge and a stellar reputation. SEG lived up to their reputation and drove a process that resulted in an unexpected, and fantastic result.

Dr. Jacquelyn Kung
CEO, Activated Insights

“There is no doubt that working with SEG helped us achieve better results than if we had attempted it alone, or even with another advisor.”

Dave Glenn
President, Kaleida Systems

“The team is straightforward, honest, respectful, full of integrity, and wasn’t afraid to tell us what we needed to hear. The outcome we achieved was more than we could’ve expected.”

Tim Minnich
CEO, President, Princeton TMX

“The outcome not only provided substantial value to our shareholders but also opened new avenues for growth and expansion for our company.”

Expertise & Knowledge

Crafting your story to highlight the factors with the biggest impact on your company’s value.

SEG was not only the most knowledgeable of the SaaS space, but they were also the firm I could trust the most."
- Mike Lang, President, FullCount
Dennis Clerke
Former CEO, Alignent

“Their deep knowledge of privately-held software companies, combined with their banking expertise, industry contacts and solid reputation was precisely what we needed.”

Bill Kingstone
Quantitative Medical Systems (QMS)

“I have interacted with some “heavy hitters” in M&A and, in my opinion, they have nothing on SEG.”

Robert Mischianti
Partner, Nicus

“They have a team of trusted individuals who always put our best interests first. But the way they drew on their years of experience to guide us through the process was most invaluable.”

Elizabeth Dukes
Co-Founder, iOffice

“Our relationship with SEG was a game changer. They synthesized our differentiators into an on-point message that resonated with our buyers.”

Rose Lochmann
Founder & Former Chair, A.L. Wizard

“Their seasoned negotiation skills and their unique ability to manage both the seller’s and buyer’s expectations were simply invaluable.”

Alice Reimer
Founder, CEO, Evoco

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with SEG! The team provided unmatched insight, expertise and understanding of strategic relationships in our industry.”

Shamim Sahba
CEO & Co-Founder, OfficeSpace Software Inc

“They conducted themselves with integrity throughout, and their deep knowledge of our industry paired with their immaculate reputation helped us find and open the right doors and ultimately achieve an outcome we are thrilled about.”

Scott Twyman
Former COO, 360Facility

SEG understood my business immediately and positioned us uniquely to virtually every buyer they approached. Buyers quickly understood what made us special and compelling.”

Jason Moreau
Former CEO, One45

“SEG then found us the ideal acquisition partner, negotiated the most favorable deal for both parties, and provided superior guidance to our board and executive team.”

Vishu Ramanathan
CEO, Buildout

“They combined their expertise with a willingness to work and learn our business, and brought us to an outcome that has everyone celebrating. Thank you!”

Steve Heinz
Founder & CEO, EnergyCAP

SEG is the perfect Capital Advisor — experienced, great track record of success, super committed professionals.”

Andrew Carricarte
CEO & President, Tritan Software

“The team is incredibly meticulous and knowledgeable; they quickly grasped very complex concepts and helped create digestible materials to convey our story accurately.”

Alan Bushell
Co-Founder, CEO, ProLease

“This deal would not have been possible without the team at SEG. They were well versed in our industry, and demonstrated a clear understanding of our business and potential buyers in the space.”

Frank Young
Managing Director, Sverica Capital

“As a PE firm, we routinely work with IBs and feel we have a lens to identify quality firms. SEG’s expertise in software was the reason we engaged them, and they demonstrated the value of that knowledge throughout our process.”

Intentional Approach

Crafting your story to highlight the factors with the biggest impact on your company’s value.

The process is just too important, and the stakes too high for me to go any other route.”
- Jonathan Murray, Co-Founder & CEO, MyVR
Matt Betts & Ben Ipema
President & CEO; COO, Level Data

“Their process-driven approach is very thorough and proactive, a noticeable difference compared to the effort we attempted with another firm two years earlier”

Dan Forootan
President, StreamSend

“By leveraging years of negotiating experience and managing the process with our best interests in mind, SEG helped structure a terrific deal for me and our shareholders.”

Robert Johnson
Former CEO, TeamSupport

“From the very first kick off meeting at their office, it was clear the SEG team knew how to attract the right financial partners.”

Paul Lachance
Co-Founder, Bigfoot (Smartware Group)

“Their buyer relationships, process, industry knowledge, negotiating acumen, and 100% commitment to our shareholders’ best interests were remarkable.”

Varsha Bhave & Hermant Bhave
CEO & Co-Founder, Projectmates

“SEG put us in front of a wide array of buyers and delivered us many high-quality, attractive options. With SEG’s help, we had a fantastic outcome.”

Dana Zeff
CEO, LeaseLabs

“Their relationships and deal execution skills were second to none and yielded a range of options amongst the best possible buyers. They truly went above and beyond.”

Chris Atkinson

“What sets SEG apart is their ability to combine flawless execution, meticulous attention to detail, and articulation of a compelling, over-arching value story.

Shaul Kuper
CEO, Destiny Solutions

“Their ability to quickly get up to speed on our specific niche and to present it in a stimulating, intelligent, and enticing manner to prospects was most impressive.”

Phil Murphy
CEO, CallPotential

“Throughout the process, their solution-oriented approach and composure stood out as they helped navigate complex deal dynamics. SEG’s experience and expertise enabled us to effectively achieve our goals.”

Judy and Angelo Volta
Co-Founders, V-Technologies

“As two engineer co-founders, we really appreciated a precise and methodical process which led to a smooth due diligence and outstanding results.

Nitin Vig
CEO, Mobile Doorman

The process was very well run; everything from understanding our business, positioning it in the best possible way, and constant communication through the entire process was top notch.”

Tom Jones
President, CEO, AutoMon

“At each turn, SEG anticipated the needs of the potential buyers and prepared me and my management team for the data requests and tough questions.”