InsightSquared Acquired by Mediafly

The combined Mediafly and InsightSquared solution is the first to offer B2B revenue teams a single source of truth — one visual dashboard for content engagement, conversational intelligence, buyer intent, value engagement, and sales activity data.

Client Description

The company

InsightSquared provides a cloud-based revenue intelligence platform empowering revenue professionals to make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth.

The software

B2B organizations worldwide rely on the company’s full-funnel revenue analytics and forecasting solutions to build healthier pipelines, boost forecast accuracy, target rep coaching and significantly increase competitive win rates.


Boston, MA

Buyer Description

The company

Mediafly is a leading sales enablement and content management technology platform that creates interactive, value-based selling experiences powered by content and analytics.

The software

Using Mediafly’s technology, revenue teams at companies including PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, and Sealed Air effortlessly deliver custom and interactive content that engages buyers in every interaction.


Chicago, IL

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SEG Client, InsightSquared, Acquired by MediaFly

January 25th, 2022 — Mediafly, a leader in sales enablement, interactive content, and value selling, today announced it completed the acquisition of revenue intelligence leader InsightSquared. Product integration is underway, with the delivery of the most complete revenue enablement and intelligence platform expected in March. Software Equity Group (SEG) served as the exclusive advisor to InsightSquared.

Forrester’s 2021 B2B Buying Survey indicates that 55% of the buying cycle is now self-guided — making it more difficult than ever for sales organizations to assess deal health/risk, determine the most effective engagement strategy, and predictably close deals. The solution is an insights-driven sales system where data is captured and analyzed at every buyer touchpoint to accurately forecast, coach, and make prescriptive recommendations for the next best sales action.
“With AI, intelligence platforms, deal forensics, and purchase automation, technology is transforming the basic activities of selling teams. The new sales model is insights-driven and heavily influenced by technology,” writes Rick Bradberry, Principal Analyst at Forrester, in a December 2021 blog post. “B2B sales technology is a wildfire spreading quickly.”

Focusing solely on meetings and direct seller-to-buyer communications has created gaps for revenue leaders. This approach, taken by most revenue intelligence platforms, ignores critical content engagement milestones and fails to include these analytics in machine learning models and predictions. The combined Mediafly and InsightSquared solution is the first to offer B2B revenue teams a single source of truth — one visual dashboard for content engagement, conversational intelligence, buyer intent, value engagement and sales activity data. From emails, meetings and call recordings to web page views, content engagement and shares, Mediafly’s Revenue360 product, powered by InsightSquared, delivers the first holistic view of every buyer-seller touchpoint across the buyer journey along with prescriptive next steps.

“By marrying Mediafly’s best-in-class sales enablement, content engagement, and value selling tools with InsightSquared’s leading revenue intelligence, forecasting, and analytics capabilities, we are providing the complete revenue enablement platform to meet today’s market demands. The combined solution propels our technology far past sales enablement vendors that focus on traditional capabilities like content and learning management,” said Mediafly CEO and founder Carson Conant. “When revenue teams leverage the combined power of Mediafly and InsightSquared, they eliminate the need to rely on partial intelligence and gut instinct to forecast sales and inform buyer-seller interactions. They get a clear picture of what’s happening at every touchpoint within the buyer journey, both in and out of the sales meeting, with prescriptive next steps to engage buyers, move deals forward and drive predictable revenue growth.”

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