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Matthew Gonnering, CEO, Widen

SEG Client, Widen, Acquired by Acquia

September 8th, 2021 — Acquia today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Widen, a cloud-native maker of digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) software. Widen unites digital assets such as rich media, product information, and marketing copy in a single workflow and provides an intuitive interface to democratize access for marketers to all of a brand’s resources. By providing a foundation for collaboration, coordination, and control of the full digital content lifecycle, Widen will enable marketers and website builders to create richer and more distinctive customer experiences using Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

To create personalized customer engagement at scale, brands create immense volumes of digital content. Traditionally, the DAM simplifies marketers’ access to this content and manages versions and workflow to ensure consistency. But within the context of a DXP, a modern DAM must also provide robust technical capabilities and extensibility. A PIM solution should enable enrichment of product data with marketing copy and digital assets to easily create branded product content. Together, these capabilities help organizations create and refine distinctive digital experiences based on evolving customer preferences.

“Acquia has long been an established leader in managing textual website content. Now, with Widen, we will be able to offer world-class capabilities around rich media and product information content,” said Dries Buytaert, Co-founder and CTO of Acquia. “Widen is consistently ranked a leader by industry analysts for vision, execution, and market presence. We have numerous joint customers today and believe Widen software will deliver value to Acquia Marketing Cloud and Drupal Cloud customers. We’re excited to welcome the Widen team to the Acquia family and to collaborate with them on Acquia Open DXP.”

"With Widen, we continue to differentiate Acquia Open DXP by adding enterprise-grade, cloud-native DAM and PIM capabilities," said Mike Sullivan, President and CEO of Acquia. "We will immediately invest in accelerated development of the Widen solution and leverage our global capabilities and partner network to bring it to marketing organizations that use Acquia Open DXP to manage, transform, and deliver digital assets at scale."

Acquia Open DXP with Widen maximizes the value of digital content

Today, 700 organizations, including Energizer, New Balance, Crayola, and Hootsuite, use Widen solutions to deliver content with confidence.

“Content is the heart of any digital experience,” said Matthew Gonnering, CEO of Widen. “It influences action across marketing channels; email, social media, content management systems, marketing campaigns, ecommerce, product information management, and more. By combining with Acquia, a company that shares Widen’s belief that radical innovation starts with commitment to customers and the community, we will continue to rapidly innovate our solutions to support the first and only open digital experience platform.”

Widen solutions simplify how marketers create, review, manage, distribute and analyze content across the content lifecycle. It's design and architecture make it uniquely able to support complex marketing workflows and enterprise DXP requirements. These encompass use cases that go beyond managing creative assets to include storing unstructured data such as legal documents, insurance claims, and contact lists. The marketing-friendly Widen PIM solution brings product data from creators to customers, centralizing it for syndication across websites, catalogs and ecommerce channels.

Widen will be available as part of Acquia Open DXP or as a standalone offering. To read more, visit the Acquia or Widen blogs.

Acquia is backed by Vista Equity Partners, a leading global investment firm focused on enterprise software, data, and technology-enabled businesses. Software Equity Group (SEG) served as the exclusive financial advisor to Widen.

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