Author: Molly Soltesz

SEG 2023 Annual SaaS Report

2021 was an outstanding year for the software industry, as M&A activity and valuations broke records once again. SaaS deal volume grew an astonishing 40% in 2021, reaching nearly 1,800 transactions for the year. Equally impressive, the SEG SaaS Index median EV/Revenue multiple of 14.7x in 2021 was an all-time

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How To Properly Calculate Customer & ARR Churn

As a software operator, you know how difficult it is to achieve growth milestones while losing revenue from existing customers. Customer churn puts a strain on the sales team to outperform so that the company can maintain growth. This is why it is crucial for operators to closely track and

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How to Improve the LTV:CAC Ratio

LTV:CAC is considered one of the most critical metrics for valuing SaaS companies. Investors place a high focus on this metric, as it indicates good growth potential with limited marketing investment. Companies with lower LTV:CAC ratios indicate to investors that capital required to acquire new customers may not be utilized

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