software equity group team

Clarissa Sievers, Digital Marketing Manager


My main goal is to educate SaaS founders on the importance of a sell-side advisor. They often don’t realize they have a need for it, or they think they can manage a deal themselves.”

Clarissa Sievers, Digital Marketing Manager

M&A Experience

Clarissa is fascinated by the psychology of consumer behavior and brings that passion to SEG, along with several years of marketing experience. She is responsible for coordinating SEG’s marketing efforts, from developing email campaigns to growing the firm’s social media presence.

As a content leader at a previous marketing agency, she managed content strategies for clients across a variety of industries, including technology and manufacturing. Using client interviews and market research, she creates engaging resources that attract potential customers.

Career Highlights

Clarissa’s career highlights include:

  • Contributing to Pinckney Marketing’s size and revenue growth by leading a team of talented writers and training them in HubSpot’s inbound methodology
  • Increasing revenue for SaaS clients by crafting compelling sales emails and LinkedIn outreach at Acceler8now
  • Working with decision-makers to develop a long-term content strategy for clients at Grow ROMI



Clarissa specializes in inbound marketing and content strategy development. Based on Hubspot’s inbound methodology, she understands that clients are emotionally driven. In addition to having a psychology background, she uses it to better understand audience behavior.


Originally from the West Coast, Clarissa currently lives in Charlotte with her husband. The majority of her spare time is spent reading, tending to her garden, and traveling and tasting different cuisines.


  • University of Utah, B.S., Psychology