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Brad Weekes, Managing Director


We are fortunate to work at the intersection of our passions: technology, strategy and finance. We’re equally passionate about exceeding client’s expectations and turning their goals into reality.”

Brad Weekes, Software Equity Group

M&A Experience

Brad has always been fascinated by the impact technology can have on society, which initially led him to pursue a career in software engineering. He quickly realized he loved business strategy just as much as the technology itself. After helping to grow a global tech startup from a team of five to more than 75 and founding his own company, he earned an MBA and completed a prestigious private equity fellowship at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. This piqued his interest in finance and investment banking, but he knew he wanted to work in an area where he could have a more direct impact on business owners. 

That brought him to SEG in 2010, where he started as an associate and quickly worked his way up to become a partner in 2015 and more recently, managing director. 

For more than a decade, he has combined his unique background in engineering, product management, finance and strategy to achieve exceptional outcomes for software founders. His deep knowledge of the software industry and his clients’ verticals and product categories has enabled him to position companies as attractive opportunities to the marketplace and negotiate successfully on their behalf. He has led some of the highest multiple transactions, including closing a strategic acquisition for a client at a much higher valuation than offers they received the previous year.

Over the years, his role has shifted from leading deals to mentoring other SEG team members and empowering them to take the lead. He’s proud of the team’s 90% success rate in closing deals — well above the industry average — which starts with identifying a company’s true strengths and properly positioning them within the marketplace. 

“It’s amazing to see what outcomes our clients can achieve when we work with them from the beginning to help them see their company from the perspective of an investor, sometimes years before they’re ready to sell,” he said. “That’s what I love most about the work we do.” 

Brad contributes to this by building strong relationships with software founders and helping deal leads prepare detailed go-to-market materials, including the confidential information memorandum (CIM). 

He looks forward to guiding SEG through continued growth so the team can help more founders achieve their dreams. 

“There’s been a lot of growth (within this team) since I started,” he said. “There’s a huge market for what we do and frankly, a huge need.. There are a lot of people who do these deals without an investment banker, and they lose a lot of value or fail to close. We want to make a bigger impact for business owners and for our employees, but we want to grow our team with the right mindset.”



When he’s not developing positioning strategies or mentoring the team, Brad enjoys spending time with his three kids, surfing, reading, listening to music and playing guitar.


UCLA Anderson School of Management, MBA
  • Venture Fellow
  • Anderson Student Asset Management Fellow


UC San Diego, M.S., Electrical Engineering


UC San Diego, B.S., Computer Engineering