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Allen Cinzori, Managing Director


All of us at SEG are fortunate. We get to continuously learn about exciting new businesses and markets, drive premier outcomes for our clients, and develop lasting relationships with clients, buyers and other industry-leaders.”

Allen Cinzori, Software Equity Group

M&A Experience

Allen Cinzori is a critical thinker, problem solver, entrepreneur. He grew up in Southern California enjoying the sun and surf of the pristine coastline.  At a young age, he developed a love for STEM fields and went on to get his BS in mechanical engineering. This was followed by an MBA, where he developed a passion for finance and business strategy.

He joined Software Equity Group (SEG) in 2001 as an M&A associate. He fell in love with the constant challenges of helping software entrepreneurs and executives sell their companies in a market where no two deals are alike. In 2007, he was promoted to Managing Director.

Allen’s vision for SEG is to be the leading sell-side M&A firm respected for its people, culture, relationships, and track record. He sought out to build a strong team of highly qualified M&A experts who would approach every deal with honesty and integrity.

Building upon the “learn by doing” philosophy of his alma mater, California Polytechnic State University, he focused on empowering young professionals and pushed them to strive for greatness. “Our team is fantastic, and experienced way beyond their years. But I am most proud of our near perfect employee retention. It’s remarkable in this industry.”

“Today all team members have one major thing in common” Allen says, “the desire to over deliver for our clients.”

He takes pride in SEG’s first-pass success rate and attributes it to the firm’s client selection and high-touch process. Compared to other investment banking firms, SEG is extremely selective and diligent in assessing a prospect’s salability prior to entering an engagement. “We don’t take on every prospective client. We also do our best to avoid overloading a deal team. We work with incredible companies which we believe we can drive strong buyer demand. We leverage a lot of pattern recognition when chasing clients to work with,” Allen says.

“What’s more, our high-touch process is exceptional at driving value for our clients.  “When a strategic buyer or financial investor is looking at one of our clients, we want them to know they’re getting an accurate, fair, correct assessment of the target,” he said.

SEG also takes the time to coach the seller through every step of the process, which Allen believes has also been key to SEG’s high first pass success rate.

“Our client references are a testament that we have the right model and team in place,“ he says.



Outside of work, Allen enjoys family time, especially when it involves surfing, skiing, and riding dirt bikes with his kids.


USC Marshall School of Business, MBA
  • Honors
  • Beta Gama Sigma


California Polytechnic State University, B.S., Mechanical Engineering
  • Honors
  • Cum Laude