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Want to Sell Your SaaS Business? Here’s How to Get Started

The following content has been updated as of February 2024. You have probably entertained the idea of selling your company at least once during your tenure as an entrepreneur. If this is your first time exploring the world of mergers and acquisitions, the learning curve can be intimidating. Oftentimes, the perceived complexity of the process… ...

How to Prepare an Exit Strategy: A Guide for SaaS Founders

The following content has been refreshed as of February 2024. Building and scaling a successful SaaS business is a tremendous achievement in itself. But the time may come when you want to reap the rewards of your hard work and achieve some liquidity by selling a significant portion, or all, of your business. Preparing an… ...

Dennis Clerke Former CEO, Alignent

“Their deep knowledge of privately-held software companies, combined with their banking expertise, industry contacts and solid reputation was precisely what we needed.”

Bill Kingstone, Quantitative Medical Systems (QMS)

“I have interacted with some “heavy hitters” in M&A and, in my opinion, they have nothing on SEG.”

Robert Mischianti Partner, Nicus

“They have a team of trusted individuals who always put our best interests first. But the way they drew on their years of experience to guide us through the process was most invaluable.”

Elizabeth Dukes Co-Founder, iOffice

“Our relationship with SEG was a game changer. They synthesized our differentiators into an on-point message that resonated with our buyers.”

Rose Lochmann Founder & Former Chair, A.L. Wizard

“Their seasoned negotiation skills and their unique ability to manage both the seller’s and buyer’s expectations were simply invaluable.”

Alice Reimer, Founder & CEO, Evoco

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with SEG! The team provided unmatched insight, expertise and understanding of strategic relationships in our industry.”

Shamim Sahba CEO & Co-Founder, OfficeSpace Software Inc

“They conducted themselves with integrity throughout, and their deep knowledge of our industry paired with their immaculate reputation helped us find and open the right doors and ultimately achieve an outcome we are thrilled about.”

Scott Twyman Former COO, 360Facility

“SEG understood my business immediately and positioned us uniquely to virtually every buyer they approached. Buyers quickly understood what made us special and compelling.”

Jason Moreau Former CEO, One45

“SEG then found us the ideal acquisition partner, negotiated the most favorable deal for both parties, and provided superior guidance to our board and executive team.”

Vishu Ramanathan CEO, Buildout

“They combined their expertise with a willingness to work and learn our business, and brought us to an outcome that has everyone celebrating. Thank you!”

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