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Backed by deep-rooted M&A expertise and an intentional approach, SEG guides B2B software operators to the right strategic and private equity buyers at the right time to achieve the best possible outcomes.

The Most Active & Successful Sell-Side M&A Advisor in Vertical Software.

For over 20 years, we’ve proudly worked with hundreds of software and SaaS companies. What’s more, we do so with industry-leading success rates. Over the past three years, SEG has achieved an impressive 85% first-pass success rate. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in seven of the last eight years and are consistently recognized by private equity investors and strategic buyers for representing high-quality businesses and driving premium outcomes for our clients.

Simply Better Than the Rest.

Excellence isn’t our goal; it’s our standard. By engaging with SEG, you align with unmatched success rates and a proven track record of outcomes that consistently delight.

Maximize Success

Boasting an 85% first-pass success rate since 2021, we maximize your chance of success.

Increase Buyer Interest

On average, our clients receive 7 to 10 high quality IOIs, which is 118% increase over previous years.

Experience Delight

With 88% testimonials, the voices of those we’ve advised underline our dedication and efficacy.

Before becoming a client, SEG guided us through multiple critical stages of our business from being created as a subsidiary of a large public company to the management team acquiring the business. When it came time to explore an exit, SEG was right there too.”

- Paul McRoberts, President & CEO, Atonix

As a founder who previously explored a transaction without an advisor, when I decided to pursue selling CallPotential, I knew I needed to bring an expert into the process. I chose SEG because of their stellar industry reputation and strong team.

- Phil Murphy, Founder & CEO, CallPotential

The SEG team was incredibly efficient, always available to answer any questions along the way and worked hard to ensure a smooth process. Their relationships and deal execution skills were second to none and yielded a range of options amongst the best possible buyers.

- Dana Zeff, Founder & CEO, LeaseLabs

Leveraging SEGs support, my team and I were able to continue to devote our attention to the business and maintain a high level of performance while navigating the process. Their efforts ultimately resulted in a strong outcome for us, and we couldn’t imagine a better scenario.”

- Tim Minnich, CEO & President, Princeton TMX

As someone who has exited businesses in the past, I quickly realized that my engagement with SEG was different. From the beginning, the team was organized and focused to ensure they were delivering on a tight schedule. They were a true pleasure to work with.”

- Andrew Carricarte, CEO & President, Tritan Software

Delivering Exceptional Outcomes in Software M&A.

At Software Equity Group (SEG), we excel at driving value through our client-centric philosophy, unique and intentional approach, and industry-leading expertise. Our consistent track record of delivering exceptional outcomes sets us apart, making us your trusted partner for software M&A success.

SEG delivered us many high-quality, attractive options."
- Varsha Bhave, Co-Founder & President Projectmates

Drive Value
at Each Step

Every stage of your deal is more than procedural; it’s our opportunity to maximize your value.

A no-nonsense process focused on our best interests."
- John Alexander, COO & Co-Founder Ion Wave

Put Your
Interests First

You aren’t just another client; you’re the very reason we strive for excellence.

Their process-driven approach is very thorough and proactive."
- Matt Betts, President & CEO Level Data

Experience an Intentional Approach

Receive more than just a playbook; immerse in a battle-tested strategy designed for success.

They synthesized our differentiators into an on-point message."
- Don Traweek & Elizabeth Dukes, Co-Founders iOffice

Leverage Our Expertise

It’s not just advice; it’s a wealth of insights & knowledge leveraged for your benefit.