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This acquisition of MediaDNA patents adds to Macrovision’s expanding intellectual property portfolio.

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MediaDNA deliver online performance marketing with greater efficiency and more precise targeting, to a wider audience.


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Macrovision Acquires Software Equity Group’s Client, MediaDNA’s Digital Rights Management Technology

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Oct. 23, 2001—Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN – news), worldwide leader in video, audio and software digital rights management (DRM) technologies, announced its acquisition of a number of key patents related to content and software security technology from MediaDNA™, an early entrant into the digital rights management field.

MediaDNA’s secure, intelligent, “cell” patents and technology, previously marketed as eMediator™, binds usage rules and rights to individual pieces of digital content. The digital content is persistently protected no matter how many times it is distributed and used. eMediator tracks each access, facilitating usage tracking and audit trails.

MediaDNA’s core U.S. patent no. 5,845,281 describes a method and system for securely managing and controlling usage of a data object, such as audio and video content or a software application. It covers a broad range of methods and processes for managing digital rights and information, including attaching usage policies to content for secure digital distribution and managing and controlling the use of secure content according to the pre-determined policies.

Brian Dunn, senior vice president of business development at Macrovision, said, “This acquisition adds to Macrovision’s expanding intellectual property portfolio. The MediaDNA patents date from 1997 and cover fundamental areas of digital rights management used by other DRM companies and content delivery services. We intend to license these patents.”

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