software equity group team

Luc Wiley, Analyst


In the dynamic world of M&A, my excitement lies in creating value for clients and facilitating the transition for good people as they divest their companies. It’s about aligning strategy seamlessly, maximizing efficiency, and ensuring client satisfaction. When the puzzle pieces fit just right, it’s not just a deal – it’s a celebration of growth!”

Luc Wiley, Analyst


After years of analyzing financial statements as a senior auditor at KPMG, Luc found himself yearning for a new opportunity in M&A. He aspired to provide financial advisory services that didn’t just balance the books but developed growth. He found his passion in leading good-hearted entrepreneurs through the puzzle of selling their businesses.

During his time in public accounting, Luc worked on and lead multiple small to large public and private audits, seeing both large and small mergers and acquisitions in the real estate and technology industries. He looks to use his technical accounting and financial statement analysis experience to provide value to clients at SEG.



Being from Denver, Luc is a die-hard Denver sports fan. He loves to grill, travel, and find newest spots to eat. In his free time, Luc likes to play golf as well as explore the fun new experiences San Diego has to offer.


  • University of San Diego, BACC, Accountancy
    • Magna Cum Laude