PUBLIC MARKETSEG Snapshot: 2Q18 SaaS Public Market Update

Our SEG SaaS Index (covering 74 publicly traded SaaS companies) posted a median EV/Revenue multiple of 7.6x during 2Q18, a high point since early 2014.

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The second quarter also saw 38% of companies in the Index valued at 9.0x or greater, including a number of impressive recent IPO’s: Zscaler (18.8x), Pluralsight (17.1x), Docusign (14.4x), Zoura (11.2x), and Dropbox (9.0x).

Our 2Q18 SaaS Public Market Snapshot includes a detailed analysis of recent SaaS industry public stock market performance, along with in depth analysis of median multiples and operating metrics segmented by company size, product category, Rule of 40%, etc. Please contact us with any questions or to discuss industry trends in more detail. Visit our website’s research page regularly throughout the year as we assess software market trends across public markets, industry verticals and product categories.