INDUSTRYIndustry Expert Series: Manufacturing Software Report

We partnered with Industry Expert Paul Lachance to provide the first report in a series of short research pieces focusing on the manufacturing software market.

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Software adoption in the manufacturing industry is rapidly accelerating, driven by pandemic-related disruptions, a push by the current administration to revitalize US manufacturing, and the transformation to Industry 4.0. Never has there been a more opportune time to leverage SaaS solutions coming to market.

This report includes a detailed analysis of the current state of manufacturing, industry tailwinds, drivers of software M&A in manufacturing, a deep dive into the technologies supporting manufacturing, a list of related software M&A transactions, key players within the space, notable transactions, and more.


  • Pandemic disruptions and tariff wars caused manufacturers to re-focus and accelerate investments in technology.
  • US manufacturing PMI readings are strong, indicating strong resiliency during the pandemic.
  • The “Make in America” executive order is a push to revitalize US-based manufacturing.
  • Infrastructure and sustainable energy initiatives are driving the need for US manufacturing jobs.
  • An aging workforce and skills gap create a challenging labor market, eased by SaaS solutions.