CEO Self-Help: SEG’s Favorite Articles of the Week

SEG has been digesting as much information as we can about the COVID-19 impact on software companies. We are publishing our own thoughts on our blog (read more here). Additionally, we want to share select third party blogs and articles we thought would be particularly interesting to CEOs dealing with the operational and financial impact of COVID-19.


Venture Beat: “Knowing when to scale your SaaS business in a pandemic – and beyond”

SaaS executives are always striving to improve their business efficiencies and operations. This article digs into the efficiency of onboarding an AI platform to help your business scale with growth. Read article by Venture Beat.

Business2Community: “5 Reasons COVID-19 Changes SaaS Forever”

Customer success, churn, and retention are some of the key metrics to any successful SaaS business. The author details why they are so important to SaaS, and how the COVID-19 environment is shaping the necessity of these metrics. Read article by Business2Community.

Medium: “These SaaS companies nailed their responses to COVID-19!” By Alisa Voitika.

There are many companies who are seeing success during this downturn and taking advantage of their product offering. The article below details how a few companies are reacting to COVID and some key takeaways from their responses. Read article by Alisa Voitika.

We hope you enjoyed the articles above as much as we did. As always, please let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Us.