[On-Demand Video] Bridging to Growth: Understanding Early-Stage Financing Options in 2023

Austin Hammer
VP, Software Equity Group
Jonathan Drillings
Partner, Riverside Acceleration Capital (RAC)

Discussion Topic

Early-stage SaaS founders and operators seeking avenues for growth are asking how recent financial market turbulence will impact their efforts and whether capital is available in the current markets. Fortunately for these businesses, strong options remain, with many capital partners excited to continue supporting growing software businesses.

Jonathan Drillings, a Partner with Riverside Acceleration Capital, is one of these capital partners. In this discussion with SEG, he explains that companies that turn inward to understand their needs and goals can have as much control over their financing success as external factors.

In this conversation, Jonathan covers the following:

  • The key differences and advantages between growth debt and equity financing and how these options have evolved in recent markets
  • How to identify which financing option is best for your company, and what specific criteria he considers when evaluating which is a better option for companies
  • What benefits early-stage financing partners can bring to SaaS companies and executives

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