[Watch Webinar] Unlocking the Full Value of Your Exit: Legal Strategies for Software Leaders

Diamond Innabi
Principal, Software Equity Group
Katherine Markel
Partner, Holland & Knight

What is Discussed:

No matter how far out you are from an exit, strategic decision-making and meticulous planning begin now—especially if you want to maximize your exit. Beginning today, start the necessary legal groundwork to ensure you don’t miss out on potential earnings.

Join SEG Principal Diamond Innabi and Holland & Knight Partner Katherine Markel as they share legal insights and best practices on how to maximize your exit and safeguard your interests.

  • The critical legal steps to take well before an M&A transaction is at play
  • How to structure your company’s legal framework to be attractive to potential buyers/investors
  • The importance of clean IP ownership, solid customer contracts, and tax considerations to boost your company’s worth