[Watch Webinar] Craft a Winning Pricing Strategy to Maximize ARR Growth and Valuation

Paul Lachance
Chief Industry Strategist, Software Equity Group
Steven Forth
CEO & Co-Founder, Ibbaka

What is Discussed:

Pricing operates as a catalyst for growth, and it is imperative for founders to grasp how to strategically plan and implement price changes. As a company expands, the assignment of pricing leadership becomes pivotal, ensuring that the right individuals guide the pricing strategy in line with growth objectives. Explore these critical aspects in our webinar with industry experts Steven Forth and SEG’s Paul Lachance, founder of Smartware Group (BigfootCMMS), where valuable insights are shared to navigate pricing strategies effectively for SaaS success.

The webinar covers pricing strategies such as:

  • Why pricing is a critical growth driver and how it impacts company value
  • How to plan and execute price changes
  • What metrics to track and how to use pricing to improve those metrics