Virtual Coffee with SEG: Customer Support in the Current Market

A Closer Look at Customer Support in the Current Market | Robert Johnson, CEO & Founder of TeamSupport

Retention is at the top of our list when evaluating SaaS and software businesses. Software Equity Group’s (SEG) managing partner, Allen Cinzori, had an opportunity to have coffee with Robert Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, to discuss this very topic.

Robert’s company is a provider of customer support and success software to many B2B SaaS companies. This is a timely discussion as customer support is even more important due to the current market.

Questions Discussed:
  • Retention is critically important in today’s market. What are you seeing right now? What best practices are you seeing among your customers that could be a value to SaaS operators?
  • Net retention is a function of lost customers, contracting customers, and expanding customers. While all are important, which one do you feel is most important today?
  • Pre COVID-19, every SaaS company had customers that were at risk of churning. Is there an opportunity for SaaS operators to win back these customers as they may delay any near-term changes to avoid additional disruption?
  • Looking ahead, can we expect COVID-19 to be a catalyst for change within customer support departments and a heightened focus on retention levels?
  • If there was one piece of advice you could offer to one of your peers that is operating a SaaS company today, what would it be?

“Virtual Coffee with SEG” are conversations with industry experts, providing real-time insights into the current market and self-help advice to SaaS CEOs and operators.

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