The Funniest Things We’ve Seen on Zoom

Since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses worldwide have shifted online. Like many of you, the SEG team has been working remotely and the majority of our days are spent on Zoom calls with clients, buyers, prospects, and more. With so many virtual meetings, we were bound to come across (and be a part of) some Zoom mishaps and wanted to share a few of our experiences to brighten your day. 

Working from home (WFH) comes with having family, pets, and roommates involved in your daily work. Our team has been on prospect pitches with dogs violently barking in the background or fussy babies wanting to be part of the conversation; if our microphones were on mute, no one would know chaos was directly behind our screens. We’ve also seen Zoom intruders in the background of videos… watching someone crawling in the a participant’s background to stay off camera definitely gave us a chuckle.  

Doing business entirely online has also changed the way we view our work hours…we’ve all taken calls during our breakfasts or lunches and we’ve seen plenty of others do the same. We’ve even seen participants engaging in a lavish steak dinner but still making an effort to actively participate in our call – talk about dedication!  

As we all know, technology can be unreliable and in the early stages of the pandemic, conferencing platforms were overloaded and had a few kinks to work out. We often found audio would cut out in the middle of calls, videos would drop, and people’s videos would freeze. Frozen videos have made us smirk a few times when they would freeze in some interesting positions…like one person being completely frozen in a thinking position (Auguste Rodin reminiscent) or with their mouths wide open in the middle of a yawn (coffee is for closers).  

And the moments that truly break up the monotony of WFH are those that we will remember far after the pandemic is over, like the infamous WFH uniform making an ill-timed appearance (business at the top, party on the bottom) or having a call participant get a bloody nose but still powering through the meeting with a Kleenex plugging his nostril.