software equity group team

Patrick Laurance, Vice President


We consider ourselves very lucky to advise clients who have created exceptional software businesses. They have poured their hearts, souls, and minds into building their brands and reputations. We get the honor of telling their stories to help them achieve their goals.”

Patrick Laurance, Software Equity Group

M&A Experience

Patrick first developed a passion for technology companies while working with the University of San Diego’s Endowment Fund. He brings that passion, along with a strong work ethic, to every deal he leads at SEG. After several years of contributing to deals as an analyst and a senior associate, he now manages all aspects of client transactions. This includes establishing a strategy to effectively position companies to market, negotiating with buyers, and performing due diligence.

He enjoys finding creative solutions to the challenges that emerge throughout the M&A process in an industry where every deal is truly different. Every day, he’s reacting and adjusting and incorporating new information that influences the sale of the clients he represents. They may lose a big customer or miss financial forecasts, or they may lose a key hire or have a cybersecurity breach. Patrick is skilled at helping them pivot accordingly and communicate updates to buyers in the most appropriate way.

One of his most memorable recent deals was with a software founder who sold his company after running it for 30 years. The client later shared that working with SEG was the best decision he’s made in his career.

Patrick looks forward to growing his book of business and developing a team of analysts and associates who will one day lead their own deals.

Career Highlights



A California native, Patrick developed a passion for outdoor activities, including surfing, open water swimming, and hiking, as well as snowboarding during the winter.

Thought Leadership

Patrick supports successful closures of deals in a wide variety of software product categories and industry verticals. He has a determined work ethic and passion for helping others that are applied to every project. Patrick’s goal for each client is to drive value while ensuring a smooth process.