software equity group team

Matt Peabody, Analyst


I’m fascinated by the businesses we have the opportunity to advise. Each company has a unique story that we have the privilege to learn about and tell to buyers and investors.”

Matt Peabody, Software Equity Group

M&A Experience

Matt provides financial, customer and market analysis for software executives who are considering a liquidity event before they formally enlist SEG as an M&A advisor.  

Taking the time to understand their goals and advising them on market opportunities and timing is crucial to SEG’s success rate of over 90% for clients who engage the team’s services.  

Matt reviews the company’s quantitative and qualitative metrics while building relationships with the team. He looks for companies that have solid metrics, including strong recurring revenue growth and customer retention in addition to analyzing the strength of the product and market fit. Matt also advises founders and CEOs on the best time to seek a strategic or financial buyer based on their goals, business performance, and market conditions.

Career Highlights

Matt has advised dozens of clients at this stage, leading to numerous engagements with SEG and several successful deal outcomes, including:  



Matt is skilled at analyzing companies’ customer, employee, and financial data, as well as SaaS M&A and public market trends.


Matt has previous experience in wealth management. He enjoys watching baseball, cooking, playing golf and spending time outside with his two dogs in San Diego.