SEG’s Senior Analyst, Diamond Innabi, Participates in Panel Discussion: “A Conversation about Diversity in the Workplace”

Software Equity Group’s Senior Analyst, Diamond Innabi, participated in a panel discussion at the University of San Diego: “A Conversation about Diversity in the Workplace.” The discussion was designed to give students a better understanding of diversity challenges in the workplace and to provide students with tips for how to effectively navigate their careers. Panel participants and students engaged in discussions around the current state of diversity in the workplace, strides companies are making as they tackle diversity-related challenges, and steps students can take when confronted with diversity-related challenges.

“It was such a privilege to sit alongside these three incredible women to discuss the current state of diversity in the workplace with USD students. It was an amazing experience to hear their anecdotes and the strides they’ve been making to help underrepresented groups thrive in their communities/workplaces.” – Diamond Innabi, Sr. Analyst, Software Equity Group  

The panel discussion was co-moderated by Dr. Tara Salinas, Associate Professor of Management and Ethics and Dr. Aarti Sriram Ivanic, Associate Professor of Marketing. Other panel participants included Meisha Sherman, MBA, Global Human Resource Executive; Kelsey Rhodes, Voice Therapist at Physicians for Reproductive Health; Sarah Bacerra, MA, Director of Learning and Engagement at Hera Hub.