SEG SaaS Index Update: November 2020

A quick update on public SaaS company stock performance over the month of November.

Key Highlights:

  • Stock price performance for the SEG SaaS Index has risen nearly 50% YTD and continues to lead other major indices including NASDAQ (up 36% YTD), S&P 500 (up 12.1% YTD), and Dow Jones (up 3.9% YTD).
  • The median EV/TTM Revenue multiple for public SaaS companies continues to set new records, reaching 11.3x in November.
  • All product categories posted positive YTD stock price returns in November, with ERP & Supply Chain (up 90.9% YTD), Dev Ops & IT Management (up 88.2%), and Communications and Collaboration (up 78.3% YTD) taking the lead. 

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