SEG 2018 Annual Report: The Software Industry’s Bull M&A Market Continues

The software industry’s bull M&A market continues as buyers moved at rapid pace in 2017, acquiring a near record 2,500 companies. Equally impressive, median EV/Revenue multiples rose year-over-year across all but 2 of the 21 product categories and verticals tracked in our Public SaaS and Software Indices. Low interest rates and a strengthening economic environment translated to extremely strong software industry public and M&A markets throughout 2017. We can only hope the markets will remain as healthy throughout 2018.

SEG 2018 Annual Report Highlights:

  • 6.7x Median Public SaaS EV/Revenue multiple in 2017
  • 600+ Software M&A Transactions in each of the last 5 quarters
  • 224 SaaS M&A transactions in 4Q17
  • 4.4x Median M&A SaaS EV/Revenue Multiple in 2017

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