"My advice to anyone seeking to sell a software or internet company: CALL SOFTWARE EQUITY GROUP! They were there for us throughout the entire process. Ours was a particularly complex situation, with lots of diverse interests to satisfy. SEG had the skill and took the time to structure a transaction that met everyone's needs“
Sharon Lyons, former President

Visible Decisions acquires Software Equity Group’s Client Visual Insights

January 26, 2000 - Toronto-based Visible Decisions is the developer of In3D and SeeIT software applications and the leading designer of custom data visualization applications for the financial services industry. Formerly a wholly owned Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU) venture, Visual Insights also announced that it is has received venture funding from ABN AMRO Private Equity, the Intel 64 Fund, and Emigrant Capital, as well as additional investment from Lucent's New Ventures Group.

The combination of Visual Insights and Visible Decisions creates the world's leading provider of data visualization based software and services for business performance analysis. Visual Insights solutions enable its customers to build sophisticated marketing, financial and sales strategies by providing a better understanding of customer behavior, promotional effectiveness, risk, finance, and other business performance indicators.

Visual Insights products incorporate patented visual discovery technology, used to visually identify trends, make comparisons and gain insights from business data, and realTime3D reporting, the company's next generation reporting and presentation solution. Combined, visual discovery and realTime3D reporting enable more people to make better business decisions - fast.

"The acquisition of Visible Decisions, along with the strength of our new investment partners, enable Visual Insights to bring new applications to market that will revolutionize the way people build sales, marketing, and operational strategies based on historical and real-time data," said Douglas A.

Cogswell, president and CEO of Visual Insights. "With the need to react so quickly, particularly in e-Business, organizations are starving for a new class of solution that transcends traditional query and reporting methods."

"Our combined mission is to improve the way our customers build and manage their business performance strategies," said Sharon Lyons, the vice president of sales and services for Visual Insights and former president of Visible Decisions. "Together we can accelerate our product plans and attain broader market penetration for a new class of e-Business focused applications."

Visual Insights vision is well supported by a network of high profile investors, business partners, and customers. "We are especially delighted at the Intel 64 Fund's investment in Visual Insights," said Anand Chandrasekher, vice president Intel Architecture Business Group and general manager of the Workstations Products Group. "The combination of Itanium based workstations and Visual Insights' impressive next generation analysis and visualization software will give leading edge e-Businesses a compelling advantage over their competitors."

"Visual Insights has successfully leveraged one of the true gems of Bell Labs software and created what we believe will become a very strong player in the Web commerce field," said Tom Uhlman, president of Lucent's New Ventures Group. "We are glad to see such a strong enterprise emerge from the union of Visible Decisions and look forward to continued success."