CEO Self-Help: SEG’s Favorite Articles of the Week

SEG has been digesting as much information as we can about the COVID-19 impact on software companies. We are publishing our own thoughts on our blog. Additionally, we want to share select third party blogs and articles we thought would be particularly interesting to CEOs dealing with the operational and financial impact of COVID-19.


Bain & Company: “Back to Work”

For companies who are planning to return to the office after working from home, this article gives a great overview of questions an executive might be asking themselves, such as how to structure the post-COVID workplace and reduce risk for yourself and your employees. Read article by Bain & Company.  

TechCrunch: “The Rise of the Human-Centric CEO”

CEOs have to balance the needs of their organization, employees, customers, and other stakeholders in good and bad times. The author takes a deep dive into the benefits of being a human-centric or wartime CEO, and what it could mean for your employees and your company. Read article by TechCrunch.

Paddle: “Wartime Churn Reduction Strategies for SaaS: Quantified in $’s and %’s”

Tracking metrics is critical for managing a company’s investments and are necessary to determine a clear view of business. This article details why retention and churn matter so much, and what a SaaS CEO or executive can do to improve retention and minimize churn. Read article by Paddle.

We hope you enjoyed the articles above as much as we did. As always, please let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help. Contact Us.