SEG-Software Index Electronic Design Automation

SEG’s Monthly Flash Reports track the financial performance and valuations of approximately 300 software companies, categorized in nearly 30 product categories across the on-premise software, SaaS and Internet sectors.  This post highlights the performance of the SEG-Internet Index Video Games product category as shown in the SEG December Monthly Flash Report.  To view the performance of dozens of other product categories, download the latest complimentary Monthly Flash Report here:

In the month of December, the Electronic Design Automation category achieved a median EV/Revenue multiple of 2.0x, TTM Revenue Growth of 10.1%, and EBITDA Margin of 9.9%. Notable companies outperforming their respective category include:

  1. On an EV/Revenue multiple basis, Magma Design Automation Inc. and PDF Solutions Inc. outperformed the category with multiples of 3.2x and 2.3x, respectively.
  2. On a TTM Revenue Growth basis, Mentor Graphics Corporation outperformed the category with a revenue of 18.6%.
  3. On a TTM EBITDA Margin basis, Synopsys Inc. outperformed the category with a margin of 22.1%.

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