Rentsync Podcast: How PropTech Continues to Weather the Storm Amid Economic Uncertainty with Kris Beible, Vice President of Software Equity Group

Software Equity Group’s Vice President, Kris Beible, recently talked with Mitch Fanning of Rentsync about the current state of PropTech.


“I was working with a couple of companies in the multifamily space that continued to grow quite well through the global financial crisis. From a high level, we would expect many, many companies to do the same during this period of time, but a lot of this is going to be dependent upon what’s the potential sub segment of real estate that you’re serving and what types of solutions you’re providing to the end market.” – Kris Beible (9:57)

Since COVID-19, multifamily operators and marketers have ramped up their adoption of technology to run their companies and to do business in a new way. Although historically the property real estate market has been slow to adopt technological solutions, both the pandemic and an influx of capital have reshaped that pattern. In this episode, we discussed real estate technology for 2020 and beyond on the Sync Or Swim podcast!


Kris Beible, Vice President, Software Equity Group (SEG)

What we talked about:

  • Why the real estate tech ecosystem keeps growing
  • Why the SaaS model does well in the real estate space
  • The future of real estate technology and remote work
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