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About Us

Trusted Advocacy. Intentional Approach. Proven Results.

Our mission is to help good people achieve great things through our creative, honest, and no BS approach to advising software entrepreneurs on successfully selling their business.

Why Clients Choose Us

We exceed expectations of our clients through refreshingly honest and transparent advice, in-depth business knowledge, and mentorship which allows them to achieve incredible outcomes, live the life they dreamed of, and contribute to their communities.


We’ve outlined six overarching tenets that SEG lives by to transform the reputation of our industry and impact the lives of our clients and communities.

Our Services

We Favor Honesty and Transparency

Our "no bullshit" approach allows us to cultivate trust with our employees, clients, partners, buyers, and peers.

We Are Authentic

We are exactly who we say we are and do what we say we will do allowing ourselves to be our truest and best selves and encouraging open, honest conversations, feedback, and progress.

We Consider Our People Our Greatest Assets

Our employees aren’t just here to make a good living, but to build their best life. We work closely with each team member to develop their skills so they become trusted advisors.

We Focus on Offering Value, Not Just Valuation

We take pride in providing exceptional service to our clients long before the M&A process begins. We educate them on the market, metrics and prospective buyers, and we guide them through the process so they can approach the deal with confidence.

We Obsess Over Results

We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and employees. We know what factors have the biggest impact on their company’s value and how to tell their story in a way that will get them the best possible deal with the right investor.

We Do Good for Good People

Our clients are a reflection of who we are. At SEG, we want to work with good people. When you give good out into the world, you will receive it back.