Our 3Q17 SaaS Public Market Snapshot includes operational and financial performance metrics for all publicly traded SaaS companies. This includes median EBITDA margin, TTM revenue growth, operating ratios, the Rule of 40% analysis, public market multiples by product category, and more…

SEG SaaS Index: Top 25% Highlights:

  • When segmented by median EV/Revenue multiple, the top quartile of SEG SaaS Index companies posted an impressive median EV/Revenue of 10.3x in 3Q17.
  • These top SaaS companies are market leaders in a wide array of SaaS categories including: eCommerce (Shopify), Life Sciences (Veeva), Development Tools (Atlassian), IT (Service-now), and Supply Chain Management (Kinaxis).

For a list of companies that comprise the top and bottom 25% of the SEG SaaS Index (by EV/Revenue), see pages 13-14  in our 3Q17 SaaS Public Market Snapshot.